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Slaying #NeneHands rock DC bandwagon exposé as Wizards pouce on Miami

The infamous “Bandwagon Cam”

Exhibiting the planet’s worst breed of basketball fans: Miami LeBron fans.

bandwagon cam

Oh the ingeniousness! The Wizards instituted a pretty clever concept last night at the Verizon Center when they marked down various Heat “fans” in the arena donned in Heat gear via the “Bandwagon Cam.” I didn’t really expect our comical capture to go as viral is it has (and still is), but it’s clear why it did.

While the Wizards play in a transient city infused with so much diversity within not only the population, but within sports fanhood as well, it’s pretty common for opposing fans to show face at the Phone Booth when their team is playing the Wizards. We’ve seen the rash of blue and orange colors draping the bleachers when the Knicks come to visit. We’ve seen the blinding #8 and #24 purple and gold jerseys when the Lake Show is in town.

The goddamn Miami Heat, though? This South Floridian powerhouse comprised of merging superstars is one of the most loathed franchises in all of sports, who also happen to employ one of the most loathed athletes in all of sports (although in Queen James’ defense, the said hatred has simmered after his two chips). In any case, hated or loved, Miami Heat el jefe Pat Riley has constructed a team that has drawn the biggest widespread of bandwagon fans since the Michael Jordan era, perhaps bigger.

But thankfully, the Wizards were poised to do something about it. And they DID.

Throughout the night, cameras would pan across the arena seats, looking to expose the very same fans who just a half decade ago were likely wearing blood red and gold #23 jerseys. In one instance during the segment they even created an embarrassing storyline on the screen for an idiot couple they exposed. But I didn’t see that again because it was probably a little overboard.

Nevertheless, the Wizards won the NBA last night not only by trashing the Heat, but by airing out their obnoxious fans EVERYWHERE thanks to social media.



The immense giddiness of Wizards fans across social media was quite the spectacle last night as we all sunk in gloat while the Wizards throttled the Heat. From Nene’s opening block on LeBron to his finishing dunk on LeBron, the pixels were trending, and gratifying. Here are the best of the best.


[via @Truth_About_It]

After the win in Chicago, Nene vowed to pep talk himself in front of a mirror and iterate, “no one can stop me.” What we weren’t aware of was Nene’s likely vow of flattening LeBron on his first drive to the rim.

The sneering of bandwagon fans is easy and it’s fun!

Or you can call it “Meager Millionaires” and air it on the Oprah Winfrey Network

Main man Conor Dirks never allows a slipped moment with Lord aTHREEza.

#WizHeat nightcap: #NeneSmash. #LeBronCrash. Open and shut case. Let’s get the f*ck outta here.


[via @_abdu11ah_ Instagram]

As he slouched in his visitor locker, LeBron hoarsely tried to explain his team’s loss to the Wizards and generate some sort of reasoning for their 3-game slide. Not quite sure what was up with the voice but you can make a few assumptions. I mean for one, he WAS in D.C. which has been verified to be premier party setting for him. That, or he shared more than just one cigar with the Prez on Tuesday at the White House.

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