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Recap: “Undermanned” Celtics surprise Wizards; spark wrath of #WittmanFace

The After Party: Where we channel all of your Wizards post-game essentials into one massive data over-filled post. Locker room interviews, choice excerpts from the game captured off of a TV screen by way of Vine (we like to call them VINElights, and a selection of delectable in-game tweets finger-picked from #WizardsTwitter.


Celtics 113 — Wizards 111 (OT)

January 22, 2014
Verizon Center, Washington, D.C.
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Untempered #WittmanFace

“You cannot screw with the basketball gods”

While most of Wizards nation frustratingly calls for Randy Wittman’s exile to the elephant graveyard, you can’t help but point out some of the obvious in his post-game tirade regarding the demeanor of some of the players. As the Wizards moped along in that first half, it was pretty evident just how lightly they were taking the “undermanned” Celtics. As portrayed in the video above, don’t use that term around Witt.

Wittman explained that despite the Celtics missing key players, they still had enough talent and experience on the floor to remain competitive. And that’s where it all begins. Celtics coach Brad Stevens KNEW all this. He knew his team’s potential and more importantly, he knew that opposing teams would overlook them. The Wizards, meanwhile, wouldn’t realize what had hit them until after halftime.

But that’s just looking at one angle. Wittman also aired out his players, or, A player for too much ‘one-on-one’ stuff. You can probably latch that onto John Wall, who most likely figured Phil Pressey’s game to be equivalent to a YMCA walk-on.


As for the game…

It sucked.

The crippled Boston Celtics stumbled into the Verizon Center last night with only 11 active players, two of whom are on 10-day contracts. This was supposed to be the night where the Wizards would see the mythical “over .500” reality. But alas, that idea remains a myth after a group of guys, who most of us had to Google search for background information, came in and made a mockery of the Washington Wizards. It was like watching a really bad remake of ‘The Replacements.’

The Wizards came out looking like the Miami Heat did a couple weeks ago, being outscored 32-22 in the first. Everyone on the court appeared to be hungover, sick or just careless. No one was making the hustle plays, moving the ball or making shots.

It continued in the 2nd as the Celtics found their biggest lead (19 points) of the night. It was starting to get ugly in the Phone Booth. Wittman must have said something during halftime, however, because many of the guys came out like they had finally woken up. While Wall and Ariza were still doing absolutely nothing right, Nene and Beal seemed to be finding their groove as the team found themselves tied with the Celtics late in the fourth.

After a couple of long-jumper attempts from Nene that failed, the Wizards found themselves headed into overtime, where (of course) Gerald Wallace placed the dagger into the dreams of being above .500.

Gerald, DC hates you.


MVP: John Wall – 14 points, 10 assists, 11 rebounds; self-denunciation

“It starts with me..”

No one deserves to be the MVP in a game where you lose to a team with hardly any resources, but a triple-double is still a triple-double. In what may have been the ugliest triple-double in NBA history, John Wall went 9-for-29 shooting and admitted that 29 shots is way too many for him to be taking. He took full responsibility for the loss, claiming that it all starts with him and that’s not how he’s supposed to lead a team (referring to the lack of ball movement and playmaking).

When Wall quit taking jumpers and focused on driving to the hoop (which didn’t happen until the 4th quarter), he showed glimpses of the Wall everyone was expecting to come out in what should have been a blowout game. However, his terrible first-half performance stands out more than anything.

Wall actually put it best when asked about his triple-double: “That don’t mean nothin’, man.”

LVP: The “Minutes Limit”

While everyone involved understands the reasoning, it’s still nonetheless enraging that Bradley Beal could not play in overtime due to his 30-minute limit. Beal was having a solid game, going for 14 points and playing better than Ariza, Webster and Temple, but Wittman was forced to place him on the bench in what could have been a very different overtime if he was in the game. The frustration of this minutes limit was all over the locker room. Randy didn’t even want to comment on it: “My hands are tied and that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

Key stat of the game: – 3-point shooting

3-point shooting has usually been a strong point of the Wizards’ offense, but nothing was falling for them last night as they went 7-for-22 from 3-point land. To show you what kind of night Boston had on the offensive end, Jeff Green had more threes than all of the Wizards combined, going 8-for-16. The rest of the no-name Celtics roster sprinkled on another seven. During the post-game interviews, everyone had the same thing to say— it was just “one of those nights” for the Celtics.

What’s next

It certainly doesn’t get easier for the Wizards as they head into a West Coast road trip against Phoenix and Utah back-to-back. They’ll then have to take on the hot Clippers and Warriors. One can only wish they remain close to .500 after returning from the West Coast before facing…the Thunder. Yikes.



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