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Wizards Weekly: The Truth is Captain America; DeJuan loves a funny meme; Kevin the English speaker; Fat John Wall

The Wizards are 4-1 and looking to improve on their record as they face a scrappy and young Toronto Raptors team tonight. After dropping their first game to the Miami Heat, Washington has bounced back to win their last 4 in a row in rather entertaining fashion. John Wall has lead the way for the Wiz Kids averaging over 21 points and 10 assists per game. Paul Pierce has been his consistent self, Gortat is averaging 9 rebounds a game and the biggest surprise has been the emergence of Garrett Temple. Filling in for the injured Bradley Beal, Temple has been Washington’s biggest surprise and a breathe of fresh air. Temple’s 51% shooting from 3 point range leads the team and his 1.6 steals per game is second only to John Wall’s 2.8. I know it’s early but it’s been pretty entertaining to watch the Wizards on the court this season. However, this segment is dedicated to the entertainment they can provide off the court.

Wizards Weekly will be showcasing what the Wizards players and coaches do off the court. We will highlight their activity on social media and also emphasize things they do in the national media.

Let’s have some fun shall we?

Paul Pierce is Captain because why the heck not?

  • Paul Pierce ha already made a tremendous impact on the court for this Wizards team and he wasted no time making impacts off the court. His Captain America costume stole the show and made every other costume look like crap. Let’s be real for a second, Is there anything cooler than seeing “The Truth” dressed up as Captain America? I see a movie career in Paul Pierce’s future after basketball. the costume was so awesome that even Gortat took some time out of his day to post about it on his Instagram and Twitter. The caption really does speak for itself. In conclusion, Paul Pierce is awesome.


Dejaun Blair meme game level 100

  • So for those of you who don’t know me and the rest of the Hoop District staff on a personal level, we love memes. No, seriously, like we love memes. We’ll meme anything. Screen shot of Mark Schlereth talking out of his rear end on Espn? We’ll meme it. We typically specialize in Jets or Lebron related memes but you get the point. We love memes and so does Dejuan Blair. Spend a couple minutes on his IG account and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Here are some of my favorites:

dejuan 2d

dejuan 2

dejuan 1

Conclusion: Dejuan Blair is also awesome and we here at Hoop District issue a meme challenge to Dejuan Blair. Best Lebron meme wins! annnnnnd GO!

Kevin Seraphin appreciates the little things.

  • Kevin Seraphin loves the Wizards and loves the english language as evident in a tweet he posted back on 10/30. I give Seraphin a lot of credit. He came to his country not knowing how to speak a lot of English, he’s progressed tremendously on and off the court and he’s been a great person to interact with and talk to in the locker room. With that said, he needs to brush up on his sentence structure and grammar. We can help you Kevin!

I mean, how can you not help but just smile at this tweet. Kevin Seraphin loves his life and you should embrace it. Im for onem am all about the #KSLife grammar.

John Wall is a fat used car salesman because John Wall is awesome.

  • Wall’s been advertising his new adidas shoe for foot locker and recently he released a pretty funny commercial to go along with it. Don’t you just love seeing John in the national media? If you haven’t seen the commercial, here it is. Don’t just watch it, but watch 10 times.

It’s been a slow week on the Wizards social media front and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. With the team focused on making a deep playoff run and getting off to a good start, it may be a sign that the players are putting their cell phones away and their focusing on winning games. I’m sure as the season goes on and guys like Martell and Bradley are back on the court, we will see much more entertainment from them on the social media front. But for now, enjoy the strong start and if you notice or see anything from any Wiz players on social media, feel free to submit it to us here at Hoop District!

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