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Wizards Weekly: John Wall welcomes home a friend; What happens at a #KSLife birthday party; Gortat takes butt naked selfies?

What are our wonderful Wizards of Washington up to these days in the real world outside of basketball? Let’s check it out in this week’s edition of Wizards Weekly..

John welcomes home Meek Mill

meek john

By now, I think we all are well aware of John Wall’s friendship with Philly rapper Meek Mill. They’ve been spotted in pictures together at Diddy pool parties; Meek has shouted him out on Twitter; AND, like many other rappers, he’s used John Wall as a punchline in a song.

“40 kick like in soccer, bullets hitting the goal/bitch I’m like John Wall cause I just give em and go.”

So it’s of no surprise that John was delighted about his homie getting released from prison after a five month stint for violating his probation. Unfortunately for Wall, if he wants to tag up with Meek it’s going to have to be within the boundaries of Philadelphia since Meek is restricted from traveling outside the city until he completes his community service chores and attends some treatment programs. Or Wall can just wait until February 27th when the Wizards face the Sixers in Philly.

Happy Birthday, Snakey!


What would a #KSLife birthday celebration be inclusive of? Kevin gliding around as host on a Segway, swerving around and in between small huddled groups of conversing guests as they look over at him in weirded out bewilderment while swirling their cocktails with mini straws. Later, after the alcohol kicks in a little, Ke$ha’s “Timber” comes on and KS and his crew just get apeshit hype, hooting and hollering in garbled up half French-half English to the point where, in the process, Kevin impulsively demands the club bring out a third Ace of Spade bottle. Oh, and the Wizards are there, of course, having a decent time. Except for Andre Miller, who’s capped in a Burberry skully sitting on the couch with his head resting on his palm as he scrolls through “My Photostream”, deleting a bunch of post-shower bathroom selfies from his iCloud. Speaking of selfies, there’s going to be a SHIT TON of them on Seraphin’s Instagram by tomorrow morning.

Classy flyer, though.

Marcin Gortat: “The best way to take a selfie is when you’re butt naked”

The Polish Hammer aka The Polish Machine aka The Master of Quotables. In the short amount of time we’ve gotten to know Marcin Gortat, one thing is clear: there’s never a dense moment with him. Talking to SBNation’s Sarah Kogod, Gortat expressed his distaste for males who take selfies BUT..and that’s a huge ‘but’…he went on to say that if a man should feel compelled to take one, the best way to do it is “butt naked”. I’m not going to press this any more due to the threat of unwanted imagery of .. you know .. but, I will say that thanks to Gortat’s selfie theory, I have now generated a variety of ideas for my next few snapchats. Be wary, y’all.

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