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Wizards Wavelength: Scott Brooks Joins The Lowe Post

Wizards coach Scott Brooks was a guest on Zach Lowe’s The Lowe Post Podcast and discussed, among other things, the team’s success and how he’s helped bring out the best in this roster.

Scott Brooks made an appearance on The Lowe Post Podcast on February 13th, mere hours in advance of Washington’s 120-98 blowout win over his former team, the Oklahoma City Thunder. Lowe and Brooks have established a good relationship, so naturally topics outside the Wizards acted as a nice backdrop for the conversation. Lowe and Brooks discussed, among other things, Brooks’ upbringing, his journey to the NBA as an undrafted player, and his deep love for the game (he plays as much as his body allows). There was, of course, too, the mention of several things Kevin Durant.

Focusing on the Wizards, however, allowed us to have a peek into some interesting nuggets.

  • The Wizards’ front office interviewed Brooks for 8 hours. Eight hours, man! Setting aside the obvious question of what could fill that time, it’s refreshing learning that the team took its time choosing Brooks. After a string of mediocre and failed coaches, their new lead guy had to be a careful investment.

  • Brooks helped bunk Washington’s tradition of signing a veteran “savior”. Brooks thought that with John Wall and Brad Beal’s years of experience and presence on the roster, it was time for them to take the lead as the face of the franchise. That means being accountable for the team as a whole and facing the media after games. As valuable as recent veteran Paul Pierce worked out for the team, you have to admire Brooks taking time to place faith in players he’s coaching for the first time.

  • Brooks said Wall is extremely intense. No surprises there. Moving on.

  • Lowe brought up a team source (i.e. locker room leak) sharing a game in which Brooks chewed out Markieff Morris for essentially not applying himself. He said that Brooks told Morris that he’s much more talented than taking a smaller man to the block, or simply pulling up for 11-footers. He urged Morris to expand his range and step away from a style that’s become outdated for today’s big men. The results have been clear. That pivotal talk has brought out a side of Morris we hadn’t seen.

There’s so much to say about the Wizards going from a 2-8 to 3rd place in the Eastern Conference. Brooks has tapped into potential within his team that’s lead to several players having banner years. He should also be recognized for meticulously figuring out rotations for what many have labeled the worst bench in the NBA.

That’s all hard work, and why Brooks should be in the discussion for Coach of the Year.

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