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Wizards Wavelength: James Herbert On The Wizards And The Trade Market

James Herbert, CBS basketball writer, joined Matt Moore on the CBS Sports Eye On Basketball Podcast last week to discuss the Wizards (among other terms) and where they stand in the trade market.

Ernie’s Agenda

Matt Moore opened the discussion by stating he’s surprised the Wizards haven’t been active in trade rumors. Prior to the team’s recent winning streak, there were glaring problems with Washington’s bench and the team seemed to lack overall cohesion. While the Wizards are currently playing better (5 game home winning streak), they still sit below .500 and could arguably benefit from a roster shake up.

Into the spotlight, then, comes Ernie Grunfeld, who missed badly this past summer, when the Wizards had more to spend on player personnel than any time in recent history. Aside from the expected Brad Beal re-signing, Washington walked away from this period with a glut of big men and no upgrade to its core. Moore believes Grunfeld will pass on making a move and lay low, hoping to keep his job. But making some good draft picks (Wall, Beal, Porter) and a decent trade (Morris) may not be enough for one of the longest-tenured executives who’s fumbled so much more.

The Case for Staying Still

Herbert raised a good, yet hard to swallow point about the state of the Wizards. Washington, he said, isn’t merely a trade away from being a contender. There is still work to be done, both through the draft and free agency. The Wizards, like the bulk of teams in the East, have the great misfortune of not being positioned to surpass Cleveland for at least the next 3-4 years (the same can be said of the West and Golden State).

Facing this reality, what’s the rush to be active in the trade market? This is the long game. It’s also where missing on picks and marquee free agents comes back to haunt you.

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