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Wizards vs. Warriors Pregame: This Will Not Be Fun


Golden State at Washington

February 3, 2016 at 8:00 PM
Verizon Center, Washington, DC
TV: CSN Mid-Atlantic
Radio: 99.1FM

Last time they met was..

November 11, 2015 – Oracle Arena, Oakland: Warriors 107, Wizards 76
Game Notebook 71, Wizards at Warriors: It’s Hard to Win in this League, After All

What to watch

Numbers. Here are some Warriors-related numbers via NBA.com stats:

  • Record: 44-4
  • Offensive Rating: 113.0 (Best in NBA)
  • Points Per Game: 115.0 (Best in NBA)
  • Point Differential: 12.7 (2nd Best in NBA)
  • Assists Per Game: 29.3 (Best in NBA)
  • Rebounds Per Game: 46.8 (4th in NBA)
  • Team FG%: 49.1% (Best in NBA)
  • Team Three Point Attempts Per Game: 30.1 (2nd in NBA)
  • Team Three Point Percentage: 42.8% (Best in NBA)
  • Twitter, Instagram and Vine highlights: 354654756875857345275895726236 (Approximate)

Historic Numbers.

Key Matchup

The Golden State Warriors vs. themselves

Let’s not beat around the bush. The Golden State Warriors are the best basketball team in the world, and it’s not really that close. Spurs fans and Cavs fans could at least try to start a conversation, and if they’ve had enough drinks, they might even believe it. The human liver would explode and lead to immediate and torturous death if one were to try to drink enough to put the Wizards near the Warriors stratosphere, and you’d still be several drinks short.

If the Warriors bring their B game, this game won’t be close. With that said….

The Warriors HAVE lost four games this year, so they CAN lose. How? Part 1: You need the Warriors to simply lack focus out of the gate. Hope for a lackadaisical tempo, sloppy passes, and out of rhythm shooting. Basically, pray. Part 2: Keep them that way. The first step is really out of Washington’s control, but the second step is doable.

    1. Maintain focus and take advantage of turnovers to build an early lead.
    2. Guard the three-point line with discipline, with a particular focus on Klay and Steph.
    3. Play with energy and intensity to win the hustle plays.
    4. Crash the boards against the Warriors small line-ups for second chance points.
    5. Take care of the basketball.
    7. Control pace, do NOT run and gun with the Warriors.
    8. Pray some more.

The Wizards have been awful at pretty much all of the above this entire season. Let’s bow our heads….



“Nobody believes in us.” Those four words can be some of the strongest motivating words in sports. Locker rooms are galvanized, odds are overcome, upsets to shock the world are inspired by those four words. The Wizards are going to lose the Warriors. They are going to lose badly. And yet, maybe they won’t. THAT’S WHY THE PLAY THE GAME.

image (1)

Fun Factor:

Beautiful Basketball. A lot of attention has been paid to Steph Curry this year, and rightfully so. He is playing a caliber of basketball that would make him a Hall of Famer even without a three-point line.

Don’t let Curry detract you from the rest of the Warriors. Yes, Steph is the best shooter in the world. Yes, Klay Thompson might be the second best shooter in the world. Yes, Draymond Green is a triple double machine. They possess individual brilliance all over the floor. Ignore it.

Watch this team move the ball, and watch them move without the ball. Watch the speed at which they play, not just up and down the floor, but the way the ball flies around the floor in the half court. Pure, unselfish basketball at its best. Watch this set versus San Antonio, the NBA’s premier defensive team:

Things to note:

  • That semi-transition basket came off of a MADE basket, and the Spurs were fully back on D.
  • Klay Thompson serves first as a transition outlet, then a post entry passer, then a screener, then a cutter, then a scorer.
  • Three of the five Warriors on the floor are bench players.

Yea…this should be fun…


This will not be fun.

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