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Wizards vs. Heat game preview: Winning is winning


Regular season game #3
Washington Wizards (0-2) at Miami Heat (1-2)
6:00PM November 3, 2013
American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL
TV: CSN Washington
Radio: 106.7FM The Fan


Projected starting lineups:

Washington Wizards
C- Nene, PF- Marcin Gortat, SF- Trevor Ariza, SG- Bradley Beal, PG- John Wall

Miami Heat
C- Chris Bosh, PF- Udonis Haslem, SF- LeBron James, SG- Dwyane Wade, PG- Mario Chalmers

Key matchup:

Bradley Beal v. Dwyane Wade


After a promising preseason we expected a lot more from the Wizards, namely Bradley Beal. If mediocrity was a place, the Wizards have lived there for a long time, and “just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in”! Bradley Beal has been mostly ineffective the first two games after a preseason that made his career arc look a lot more immediately appealing to Wizards fans. John Wall has had his moment(s) in this short season, basically the first half against Philadelphia. Beal on the other hand has been non-existent in relativity to the standards that we had prematurely set for him. Beal needs to keep Dwyane Wade moving on defense in order to minimize the inevitable work he will face while defending Wade. Wade has struggled with injuries and isn’t in a position to devote 100% of his energy to offense and defense. Beal’s card is his youth and athleticism and he needs to milk it for all that it’s worth in this game.



John Wall. If I could describe John Wall’s performance last game, it reminded me of “Fast and the Furious”. Wall was like Paul Walker putting the pedal to the medal right when the race started. When he hit that 3-pointer and began banging his chest with his fist it was like he hit the N.O.S. too early. Wall ended up flaming out and could not replicate his performance in the second half. The 76ers pulled the Vin Diesel/Dom Toretto and stole one. John Wall needs to push that game out of his memory because it was an uneven performance. As the Wizards’ point guard, Wall needs to balance his scoring so that he can set the tempo for the game. I am certain it will come with time, unfortunately D.C. sports fans watches are always fast.

John Wall: Man, I had you

Philadelphia 76ers: Had us?! Had us! You never had your shot. Ask anybody out here, it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile…winning is winning

The X-factor:

Luck, and second chance points. Three point shooting. Rebounding. Passing. Assist to turnover ratio. Miami is so good, you legitimately need a lot of balls to roll your way. Miami can be outplayed in many departments and still pull out a victory. All it takes is that 90 second run, and next thing you know you’re on the team airplane ordering a kosher meal and trying to figure out how you lost by 50. Defending Miami’s three point game will determine if the Wizards do find themselves in a hole. The Wizards will likely be forced to take a lot of tough shots if Miami’s D is up to par tonight, meaning there could be a lot of 50/50 balls up for grabs. The Wizards need guys like Gortat and even Ariza to control the glass so that they can create extra opportunities for themselves. Miami lacks strong point guard and center play, and John Wall is already in our spotlight for tonight, leaving the Wizards frontcourt with a daunting task. Not daunting because Miami has a powerful frontcourt, which they don’t, but daunting because the Wizards have been completely dominated in the paint as of late. The Wizards allowed 74 points in the paint last game. The Wizards average nearly 10 more rebounds per game than the Heat. I’m just throwing out random stats because there isn’t many more ways to say “Washington needs a miracle to even have a chance tonight.” The Wizards need divine intervention to increase the limited probability that they have tonight. Oh, well that’s a new one.

What happened last time they played?

The Wizards beat the Heat last month on the back of Bradley Beal’s strong performance at the Verizon Center. Everybody remembers this game because it was our cue to think the Wizards were going to the NBA Finals. “Yo we beat the Heat, CHAMPIONSHIP son…Beal nice though…mad nice. Once Childress find out his role it’s a wrap, we got this.”

Who’s hurt?

Greg Oden remains day-to-day for the Heat. Otto Porter is out…again. What if Otto Porter NEVER plays, like ever? “Remember that Otto Porter kid…out of Georgetown…You know D.C. sports are cursed. You go to a D.C. team and you can kiss your career goodbye. Poor guy never even had a chance. He went from a D.C. team to ANOTHER D.C. team. That’s just a double whammy. Wittman probably never got to know who Otto Porter was”. Nene was a late scratch for last game after injuring himself in the Detroit game. This might come down to how good the baby talk is on Wittman’s behalf when he’s pouring the peroxide on Nene’s knee and loudly blowing on his boo-boo. “Now this is going to sting a bit…”


The Heat have lost two in a row. The Heat are the defending champs. The Heat lost to the Wizards last month. The Heat never lose to the same team twice in a month. The Wizards are not very good right now. If any team can pull this off, it’s the Wizards, said nobody ever. On paper and basis of recent history, this is complete and utter domination. I don’t know if the Wizards are good enough to win a game even if they played “at their best,” which would need an endless amount of factors to go their way. However, there is a reason they play the games right? Show me what you got Wizkids. You’re on the road but the ball is in your court…I think.

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