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Wizards vs. Hawks Pregame: Déjà vu in D.C.?


Regular Season Game 71

Hawks (41-30) at Wizards (35-35)

March 23, 2016 at 7:00 PM
Verizon Center, Washington, DC
TV: CSN Mid-Atlantic
Radio: 99.1FM

Last time they met was..

March 21, 2016 – Philips Arena: Wizards 117, Hawks 102
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What to watch

Deja Vu. If you’re thinking, “didn’t we just play Atlanta?” the answer is yes, we did just play Atlanta. Correction: We just thrashed Atlanta. In their house no less.

The Wizards have now won 5 straight games, and are building that streak by winning on both ends of the floor. They’re averaging 27 assists over their 5 game winning streak, and are averaging 111 points per game. They’re shooting 48% from the field, and 40% from three point range (on 24 attempts per game).

Defensively, they’ve held opponents to 92 points per game during the streak, held opponents to 41% shooting, 29% three point shooting, and forcing 16 turnovers per game.

John Wall called it “the best stretch we’ve ever played, to be honest.”

Can they keep it up? We’ve gotta watch to find out.

Key Matchup

Wizards threes vs. Hawks threes

The Wizards don’t necessarily have to outscore the Hawks from three. They just need to balance the three point battle enough to tilt the game in their favor. The Wizards shot 52% (13/25) from three on Monday. FIFTY-TWO PERCENT!

The Wizards are unlikely to shoot 52% again from deep. Not even the Warriors shoot a percentage like that in consecutive games very often. And that’s fine.

The goal should be to guard the three point line better. The Hawks shot 13/33 (39%) on Monday night, which is a very good mark. Not 52%, but still very good. If the Wizards can get that number down to 33% or so, they should be fine. If the Hawks improve on that figure at all, look out.


Recency Bias.

Via Google: “Recency bias is the tendency to think that trends and patterns we observe in the recent past will continue in the future.”

For example, The Wizards just whooped the Hawks on Monday on the road, so we expect them to whoop the Hawks again at home.

Obviously, recency bias is flawed, especially in sports. However, it’s also a very easy feeling to succumb to, especially in sports. The Wizards must avoid feeling themselves too much and feeling overconfident coming off their win on Monday. We know the Wizards CAN beat the Hawks because they won on Monday. But the Wizards won’t beat the Hawks, just because they won on Monday.

Fun Factor:


We find a lot of fun factors throughout the season for our previews here at Hoop District. Sometimes they’re basketball related. Sometime’s they’re kinda basketball related. Sometimes they’re not basketball related at all.

But let’s be clear: As Wizards fans, nothing is more fun than watching John Wall and Bradley Beal find their A game, in the same game, when they’re on the floor at the same time.

Everytime Beal insists the Wizards have the best backcourt duo in the NBA, the rest of the world finds it pretty comical. But every once in a while, like Monday night when the House Of Guards combined for 52 points and dual-handedly shot down the Hawks, his outspoken confidence seems far less funny.

Here’s to hoping they can bring that ATL fun back home to DC!…..

…..Sorry, I can’t resist….this is pretty fun too:

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