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Wizards vs. Hawks Pregame: The End


Regular Season Game 82

Hawks (48-33) at Wizards (40-41)

April 13, 2016 at 8:00 PM
Verizon Center, Washington, DC
TV: CSN Mid-Atlantic
Radio: 99.1FM

Last time they met was..

March 23, 2016 – Verizon Center: Hawks 122, Wizards 101
RECAP: Game Notebook 71, Wizards vs. Hawks: ALERT: Hawk Attack in DC

What to watch

The End.

Tonight, April 13th, 2016, the Washington Wizards will host the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks still have playoff seeding at stake, and will be doing everything they can to get the 3-seed, and avoid the Cavs for as long as possible. The Wizards are playing for nothing. These are the facts of the game. They are undisputed.

Tonight, April 13th, 2016, Randy Wittman will be coaching the Washington Wizards for the last time.

What do you think about Wittman’s tenure ending in DC, LeBron?


Wittman took a team projected for 45-50 wins and a top 4 seed in the East, and missed the playoffs. Is it all on Wittman? No. The players deserve blame too. So does management. There’s plenty of blame to go around. But when you coach a team composed of generally the same personnel for this long, and that team still has no definitive identity, no consistent fundamentals, no solid defined principles on either end of the floor, that’s on the coach. Injuries are not an excuse. Personnel is not an excuse.

The Memphis Grizzlies played TWENTY EIGHT different players this year. They had to use the emergency player exception TWICE. They lost their best player to a broken foot and lost their starting point guard to an achilles injury. When Mario Mother F’in Chalmers got hurt, it was considered a “devastating blow.” They rely on 2016 Vince Carter, on 2016 Lance Stephenson, and on some guy named JaMychal Green. And yet, playing “Grizzlies basketball,” with definition and discipline, they made the playoffs in the Western Conference. #DaveJoerger

“But the Wizards were trying to implement a new style this season.” Oh really? So were the Portland Trailblazers, who lost LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum, Wes Mathews, and Robin Lopez. That’s 80% of their starting line-up, and three guys who signed for basically max deals. The Trailblazers were projected to win 26 games. Instead, they transformed themselves from a post-heavy offense to a constant motion team that posted up less than any team in the NBA. They re-built their team around their Superstar point guard Damian Lillard, and are about to finish FIFTH in the Western Conference. #TerryStotts

Excuses. Excuses. Excuses. And, of course, this:


Key Matchup

Kobe Bryant Farewell vs. Golden State Warriors Record

Let’s just be honest. Nobody cares about the Wizards game tonight. You don’t. I don’t. The players probably don’t. The Hawks probably do, but their fans probably don’t. So here’s what you should really consider watching.

Tonight, April 13th, 2016, Kobe Bryant’s NBA career comes to an end. The Mamba is playing his final game, at home, after 20 years as a Laker and only a Laker. Love him or hate him, if you are any kind of basketball fan, Kobe Bryant impacted your life. Maybe he made you cry, maybe he made you laugh, maybe he made you scream in joy, or maybe he made you scream in agony. I don’t know.

But I know he made you care. I know he made you passionate. I know he made you watch. I don’t know if you loved him or hated him, but I know you loved him OR hated him, with no in between. Tonight, you get to love him or hate him for the last time….

….UNLESS…you’d rather watch a different kind of history….

Tonight, April 13th, 2016, the Golden State Warriors are playing for 73-9, a mark to break Michael Jordan’s Bulls all time regular season record. So maybe you’d rather watch that?



At some point tonight, the Lakers game and Warriors game will both be in commercial at the same time. That’s when you should tune to CSN. You never know when you might catch a season defining moment like this:

Fun Factor:


Just what we need! Some good old fashioned off-season drama. John Wall has vehemently denied this incident, as have other players. A legitimate, trustworthy journalist, the great J. Michael, tweeted the following, among other things:

I’m inclined to believe Wall and the Wizards for multiple reasons. First of all, Wall is the kind of player who would just say, “yea I did it” if he actually did it. Second, this is what happens when teams lose. Emotions get high. Words get profane. This does not correspond to a “lack of leadership” or turn Wall into a “searing hot internal topic.” Unfortunately, Vecsey’s reports will turn into a searing hot EXTERNAL topic. Which is exactly what he wants. Welcome to the club, Peter. You fit in perfectly!


Randy out. Kobe out. Warriors win. Wall still in.

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