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Recap: Wizards vs. Bobcats, er.. #GWIZ vs. #BIGSLOWCAT

Bobcats 98 — Wizards 85

March 12, 2014
Verizon Center, Washington, DC
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Several reports surfaced last night of a lurking #WizardsKiller causing hysteria against the city’s local basketball team. He was last seen at the cross-section of 6th & F Streets wearing a navy tank top and heavily armed with an unbreakable post game.

His latest victim, Marcin Gortat also known by his courtside name “The Polish Hammer,” recounted the incident, citing vengeance as the motive.


For three quarters, the Wizards and Bobcats looked like the two evenly matched teams we predicted to watch moving forward. One team would go on a run, the other would respond. For three quarters, it was back and forth all game. Unfortunately for the Wizards, the game is four quarters, not three. Charlotte’s suffocating defense forced Washington to put up more bricks than a newly constructed condo building in Gallery Place and the Bobcats walked away with a relatively easy 98-85 victory at the Verizon Center.

It was the 2nd meeting between the two teams as Washington came out victorious in Charlotte back on January 7th. I don’t want to say Washington overlooked tonight’s matchup, but I think it’s safe to say that they underestimated Charlotte’s sixth ranked defense. The Bobcat defenders were challenging every shot and by the the time the 4th quarter rolled around, the Wizards were totally off their game. They were settling for long, contested Bradley Beal two’s (which weren’t falling all game), John Wall was settling for 3’s and Ariza couldn’t hit a shot all game. It didn’t help either when Marcin Gortat was being “humbled” in the paint by Al Jefferson.

Gortat later told us in his post game presser that “it was a humbling night for me. Not my first and not the last but I definitely need to take more responsibility and be more aggressive on him all game.” He also said that during the pre-game warmups Al Jefferson told him that he was “waiting for this game for a long time.” It definitely took Charlotte a little while to get a strangle hold on the game, but by the time they got hold of it, the Wizards had no chance.


Game MVP:
John Wall – 23 points, 4 assists

It’s really hard to pick an MVP for tonight’s game considering how hopeless the whole team looked in the 4th Quarter, but I guess it would have to be John Wall. The Washington #WallStar managed to mustard only four assists as the whole team limped it’s way to the final horn. Bad shot after bad shot, Wall seemingly tried to shoot himself out of a late game funk. After starting the game hitting on three of his first four shots, John went 7-for-15 and didn’t get his teammates involved late in the game when the Bobcats turned up their defensive intensity.


A forgettable night for:
Randy Wittman

Look, I’m not saying playing Kevin Seraphin or Otto would’ve been the difference in the game, but when you tell us that Seraphin is available for the game and combine that with the fact that Gortat was getting lit up all game, why not at least try something different? Also, with Beal struggling the way he has been, why not give Otto more time on the court to see if he can give the Wizards a spark? Not to mention, he took a pretty dumb technical foul midway through the 4th quarter which gave the Bobcats an extra free throw, possession, and points. I also don’t want to say he cost them the game, but he didn’t help them win the game, that’s for sure. I also asked him what he said to the referee to earn him that technical. His sarcastic response (shown below) should tell you all you need to know about how he felt about the officiating in last night’s game. Gotta give him some credit, he’s a great sound bite.


Key stat of the game:
The Wizards starters outscored 74-60

Most of those points came in the final quarter but if you’re trying to win games like this, you need your starters to come through for you in the clutch. Simply put, they did not. Wall was terrible in that last quarter, Beal was bad the whole game and Trevor booker gave the Wizards zero points and four rebounds in 24 minutes. That’s atrocious and perfectly sums up last night’s game.


What’s next? The Wizards fly down to Orlando for a Friday night match up against Victor Oladipo and the Orlando Magic. After losing the first two against the Wizards at the Verizon Center, you know the Magic will have revenge on their minds. If the Wizards want to come out on top and get back in the win column, they’re going to need their star players to play like star players. I’m looking at YOU specifically, Bradley Beal.


Tweets of the night:

From the chambers:

Randy Wittman’s bad roast beef sandwich.

Randy Wittman can certainly be a man of snarks and especially when being inquired of a frustrating moment during a game. After Saam asked Witt what triggered the technical foul that was assessed to him in the 4th quarter, Wittman’s response was priceless.

Playing defense and making shots.

A pretty cut and dry explanation by John Wall regarding what the Wizards didn’t do to win the game last night against the Bobcats. His sentiments were more so indicative of his own performance, primarily in the second half where he shot just 2-for-7 for five points. This after an 18-point outbreak in the first two quarters of the game. He attempted just one shot in the 4th quarter. John also explained the two late free throw misses that would have pulled the Wizards within five, stating he was “mad” and blaming his frustration over the lack of foul calls.

“Back to the drawing board.”

Beal admitted the large selection of midrange shots (per usual) and lack of attacking the rim as the reasons for the Wizards loss. I’m unure what “back to the drawing board” indicates or whether that decision will render any adjustments. Not much else to say other than it’s probably best to simply simmer our expectations regarding that concept.

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