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Wizards Top Plays of the Week (1/30 – 2/6): Soften your aching hearts, the #HouseOfGuards still rule!

Every Friday at Hoop District, we like to refresh our readers with a little basketball allure by presenting a top 5 list of the best Wizards action from the week. Be it a John Wall slash to the rim, a clutch jumper by The Truth, #OttoGlasses, or The Machine and Nene dominating the paint, our Vine lens is sure to catch it, and we’ll be sure to show it.

It certainly wasn’t as pleasurable sifting through our Vines of Wizards plays from this past week considering they were all part of losses. But putting together a list of the best 5 plays that still surfaced despite an otherwise demoralizing week of basketball is done by me in hopes that it will help soften your aching hearts. It’s the best I can do!

Also, consider this, for it may offer a much needed spec of optimism as we move ahead to a lot of games still left in the season:

Even in the face of perpetual defeat, our #HouseOfGuards wouldn’t let up (until Beal hurt his toe last night, of course). Check out Wall and Beal’s stats over the five games the Wizards have lost.

John Wall: 18.8 PPG, 10.2 APG, 5.2 RPG, 1.2 SPG.

Bradley Beal (discounting last night’s game): 20.0 PPG, 10-21 3PT (48%), 5 total steals

And this is why they own four of the five slots in this week’s top plays. Please try to enjoy.

#5 – Doesn’t matter if it didn’t count (ok maybe it does, a little), this scoop shot by Wall was still a beauty.

I mean, this is simply what becomes of a player who’s broken himself out of a hermetically sealed vessel of vilification and into the realm of arrant stardom. He starts to get spotlighted for plays that didn’t even count! Wall, who has mastered the art of continuation and achieves it on most plays where he puts a shot up whilst drawing contact, didn’t get the benefit of a timely whistle from the referee on this play and thus, was negated of what would have been an incredible and-1 play.

#4 – Otto buzzer

Man, listen, this Otto Porter guy..this guy makes PLAYS. And it’s a downright travesty that he loses minutes for more impotent players at his position (not saying names okay fine I’m talking about you Martell Webster) because truth be told, there’s rarely a game where Otto isn’t displaying his sheer serviceability. Porter’s well rounded game can make a difference in any which way you can imagine, be it a critical offensive rebound, a pull up 3, a smart play on defense, or a poised midrange jumper like the one he knocked down as the 1st quarter buzzer sounded off against Charlotte. Of course, who else but the General Johnny Franchise to help set Otto up for the high percentage shot? Wall’s tactic of pulling defenders away from his teammates is a habitual disservice for defenses, and for the Hornets, leaving Otto open to contain Wall was the price they had to pay. And so Charlotte, I inform you that, yes you won the battle, but on this play..


#3 – Brad splits the D, goes hard in the paint

Need. More. Need so much more of this and I thank God that I’m only talking about a 21-year old. Bradley Beal has forever been a subject of criticism when it comes to shot selection and general lack of assertiveness, but this past week, he threw it right back at us. Brad has been criminal when it comes to settling for midrange jump shots and, typically, it’s due to defenses who give him the space because they know it’s not a high percentage shot for him. But that wasn’t quite the sequence on this play, although after splitting between Greivis Vasquez and Psycho T, Beal found himself right in the middle of the elephant graveyard a.k.a. his midrange spot. Only this time, Brad shoos away the little devil on his shoulder whispering “midrange” in his ear and goes right into Patrick Patterson’s chest for a big man bucket at the rim. *one hundred emoji*

#2 – #WallStar gon #WallStar, I guess

Seriously, though. What a move. What a superstar MOVE. Squaring up against one All-Star defender – albeit a mismatch against Al Horford – and blowing past him with ease, followed by the crafty reverse layup to evade another All-Star defender in Paul Millsap. Much wow.

Play of the Week

John Wall puts a move on Schröder; leaves streak of blond hair dye on the floor

A behind-the-back dribble and fadeaway shot by Wall that likely left Schröder, a native of Braunschweig, Germany, muttering “fick dich!” at John under his breath (that means ‘f*ck you’). Or perhaps he grumbled “fick mich” to himself (that means ‘f*ck me’). Or, he bottled his feelings in after John Wall’s mean mug and later drank his sorrows from a mug of his own after unbottling some Schneider Weisse. [Side note: I was born in Germany myself, so I am warranted to make these sly innuendos.]

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