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Wizards Second Half of the Season: If It Aint Broke Don’t Fix It

In the spirit of a new season, it has been a completely new Wizards team so far. After a disappointing start, to say the least, it has been a complete 180 that has solidified the Wizards as a top 5 team in the league. Who would have guessed that ten games in? Going into the All-Star break, the Wizards have sole possession of the third seed in the Eastern Conference. A record of 34-21 holds the team 5 games back of the first seed, and two games back of the second seed. What will it take for this team to continue its streak?

Props to Scott Brooks

His lineup experiments have paid off in the biggest of ways. A prime example of this is the Oubre/Porter small ball lineup. The pure length and athleticism is sure to cause a couple turnovers per game. With John Wall averaging two steals, and Kelly Oubre adding another one it is a lineup not to be messed with; and that is not even their starting five.

The Washington five is simply incredible. We all know John Wall is a beast, while Brad Beal is a knockdown shooter from everywhere and a valuable defender. You cannot forget Otto’s length on the defensive end and #Ottomatic” shooting (best three-point percentage in the league). Keef deserves a huge round of applause from all Washington fans for his play lately. Putting in 19 points and 8 rebounds a night over the last 10 games has made him an invaluable asset. Last, but certainly not least, Ole Reliable: Marcin Gortat, The Polish Hammer, The Polish Machine, and the foundation of the Wizard’s front court. Our friend Gortat has been shooting an incredible 70% from the field, pulling in almost 12 boards a night, and has grown quite fond of rising up and throwing the ball down on the patented Wall/Gortat pick and roll. So shout out Scott Brooks, your expertise is greatly appreciated.

Team Chemistry

Everyone has good relationships with everyone. Especially John and Brad (@preseasonhaters). There is the issue of a solid backup point guard. Burke has been a little spotty, and Satoransky is still learning his way around the NBA. The issue of a John Wall backup is not very serious however. If given the choice, it would be better to not break up that team chemistry by adding a new piece at this point. Brooks has lineups set, the players enjoy playing with each other, and enjoy each other in general not just on the court. It is for these reasons we witnessed the Celtics Funeral, and there was not a single Washington fan that did not enjoy that game. PSA: Isaiah Thomas is not a better point guard then John Wall. Thank you for your attention. Now remember, team chemistry is a “majory key”- professional motivator DJ Khaled.

Lastly, Ian Mahinmi. Mahinmi can be a HUGE relief for the Wizards. Allowing Gortat some rest may take him off the floor now, but will keep him on the floor in years to come. That being said, once he gets his feet under him, Mahinmi will provide valuable minutes with that second unit. The backup brings size and strong defense to the table. It will also allow Jaosn Smith to play his more natural position at power forward. I can see Ian bringing in 5-6 points, 5 rebounds, and maybe a block in 15-16 minutes a game.

Final Note

Hope you all enjoyed John Wall’s fourth All-Star game. Now go enjoy the rest of your NBA break, we get back to work on Friday.

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