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Recap: Bradley Beal in the clutch as Wizards rise over Phoenix

Wizards 101 — Suns 95

January 24, 2014
US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ
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“It’s a process to learn how to [keep composure] .. I was proud of all of them .. this was a team win”
— Randy Wittman

As noted by a much more composed #WittmanFace, the driving point of last night’s win was the Wizards’ ability to get stops down the stretch and make enough plays to secure another road victory, their 11th of the season. The Wizards went on an 8-2 run in the final 2:21, seven of those points coming by way of a clutch Bradley Beal. Unlike the Boston game, Beal’s minutes were sufficiently preserved, allowing him to remain on the floor for all but two minutes of the 4th quarter. It certainly paid off.


“I knew the ball was eventually going to come my way, and I just stayed ready”
— Bradley Beal

Truthfully, Brad Beal hadn’t been making many of his shots lately. We’ve noticed a lot of rushed shot attempts, blatant misfires, and from time to time a lack of confidence in his shots. Combine that with the minutes restriction and you’re pretty much looking at tarnishing NBA adolescence. But last night was different. That composure Wittman emphasized resulted in sharp offensive sets for the Wizards that got Beal great looks at the basket. Combine THAT with a good dispersion of minutes from Wittman and you’ve got beautified NBA growth.


“I think we do a good job on the road when the crowd gets into it we try to calm them down. At home the crowd gets into it and we get anxious.”
— John Wall

So there’s that. Wall explained to a minor extent the floor mindset on the road versus the mindset at home. Coaching would be a key factor here, obviously, to overcome this alleged anxiety but that’s a story for another time. The Wizards once again evidenced their prowess as road warriors, shunning any attempt by the Suns to take the lead and making all the right plays to propel them to victory. The Wall v. Dragic matchup was all we knew it would be. Like their previous two matchups, the two leading point guards finished nearly identical stat lines, but fortunately also like their two previous matchups, Wall came away with the win.


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