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Wizards – Pacers #RealTalk: Who is the better team in the minds of the common fan?

One commonality and shared attribute amongst sports fans is the formulation of opinion, whether based off true facts, or merely a personal bias. The more popular the topic, the stronger the opinion. The strongest of opinions generally get stamped with a concluding #RealTalk hash tag, expressing implacable belief. With the Wizards slated for Game 1 in Indy tonight, the NBA world is anticipating what will seemingly be a riveting matchup, and riveting matchups make for a candy shop of opinions and #RealTalk.

The following segments are not compiled of ideas and opinions based on the beliefs of Zain or anyone in particular, but more like what you’d hear if you ever eavesdropped on two common NBA fans spewing what they believe is true regarding the Wiz-Pacers series. This disclaimer is necessary because even though we wrote these rather opinionated blurbs, we do not represent them, well.. at least not the ones vouching for Indy 😉


Why The Pacers Will Win

Because they’re the Pacers. Are you serious? I’ve heard so many peoples opinions on who they would have had the Wizards play. The fact that any of them said the Pacers is a complete joke. This is the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference…the team that took Miami to 7 games last year…the team with the best home record in the league! The Pacers clearly have the best player in the series, that being Paul George. Wizards fans going crazy over there about Trevor Ariza. Imagine Trevor Ariza if he was faster, stronger, and could shoot from all over the court. Yeah, the Pacers have that guy.

Roy Hibbert was considered the best center in the league late last year and a leading candidate for the defensive player of the year. David West can shoot just as good and if not better than Nene and Gortat from the midrange. The Pacers have the size to match up with Washington, and have the same brute strength that helped Chicago bully the Wizards front line. Lance Stephenson is a swiss army knife type of a player that the Wiz Kids just don’t have. He tied for the league lead in triple doubles and brings a type of energy off of the bench that none of the Wizards backups can offer.

The Pacers clearly didn’t respect the Atlanta Hawks and that’s why the series wasn’t over sooner. This time around they won’t take their opponent too lightly. The only thing that’s seemingly standing in the way of facing the Miami Heat is the Washington Wizards and the Brooklyn Nets. The Wizards are the one of the two that the Pacers can control. They’ve been here, the Wizards haven’t. They’ll have better luck next year. You didn’t really expect for the Washington Wizards to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals did you?…What…HAHA…Wow. You really were expecting that?

Why The Wizards Will Win

The Wizards are hot right now. The Pacers aren’t. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who has the more talented team. It just matters who’s on fire. The Wizards were one of two teams to finish their opening round series in five games or less. The other team? The Miami Heat. Five other series’ went to seven games, including the Pacers and the Hawks. The only thing the Wizards needed to worry about leaving the Bulls series and entering the Pacers series was the health of Nene and Gortat and the energy of Beal and Wall. They’ve been resting for over a week now.

You saw how much trouble Jeff Teague gave Paul George and the Pacers? Well, John Wall > Jeff Teague. And Kyle Korver raining down threes with no remorse? Meet Trevor Ariza, Bradley Beal, and Martell Webster. The best three-point shooting trio in the NBA. The Hawks pushed this series to seven games because they were athletic in the backcourt and attempted the most three-pointers in an NBA series ever. When they made them, they won games. The Wizards have two guys shooting over 45% from the arc in the playoffs and their vaunted downtown trio is a combined 40% from behind the arc. John Wall will easily slice through the Pacers defense and find shooters scattered all over the outside waiting to launch. George Hill won’t be able to guard him. George Hill is arguably the worst point guard in the league. If they put Paul George on Wall, who will guard Beal?

How is Roy Hibbert going to step outside and guard Nene’s jumper? The DPOY in Joakim Noah is much quicker than Roy and even he didn’t dare to step outside and contest Nene’s shot. He’s not even the same Roy Hibbert. He looks depressed. The Wizards are too athletic and shoot the long ball too well for Indy to contain. It’s a matchup nightmare. The Pacers may have played well at home and in general in the regular season, but this is the playoffs. They will open the series at home and struggled at home in the last round, while the Wizards have played well overall and especially well on the road. Chalk it up to bad timing, but the Wizards have a great chance at beating the Indiana Pacers.

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