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Game Notebook 6, Wizards at Raptors: Purpled Out in Toronto

Raptors 103
Wizards 84

November 7, 2014 – Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario


Key Stats:

36.1%, 15.8%, 65.6%: The Wizards’ FG, 3PT, and FT percentages respectively. No bueno.

0 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0: No, that isn’t a tweet from @JanVeselyStats. That’s Glen Rice stats. No bueno

Moment of the Night

#WittmanFace entrapped in a strobing twilight of #SoWizards.

The Chronology:

  • Let me begin by saying the Raptors’ PR decision to pay homage to the throwback purple jerseys was a wonderful idea. Personally, it totally set me back to my pre-teen days of Mighty Mouse, Doug Christie, and a few ex-Wizards/Bullets in Tony Massenburg and Tracy Murray. What it also did was pave the way to a night where the city of Toronto – and a crowd comprised of Raptors ‘legends’ and alum – along with the players were so engaged with the franchise’s celebration of history that it was practically inevitable for a blowout to occur. Unfortunately, they chose to commemorate their 20 years of existence on the night they faced our Washington Wizards. And inevitably so, a blowout occured.

  • Okay, so I guess I should start discussing the game, or perhaps maybe I should label it a northern holocaust. Or maybe I could get this Garrett Temple chase-down block in transition out of the way because it was the one play early in the game where you felt like maybe the Wizards had to come to play? Or that maybe they were at least alive and present? Maybe not? Maybe this is too much rhetoric? Maybe.

  • The Wizards conducted a groundbreaking ceremony on the Toronto Raptors hardwood and immediately proceeded to lay bricks, presumably for the construction of an asylum that would harbor only a criminally despondent Randy Wittman. What I’m trying to imply is that the game opened up on a myriad of terrible shots, including two John Wall airballs in one minute. Consider those airballs the peepholes for Wittman’s cell.

  • The Raptors on the other hand had Terrence Ross torching nets and shooting out lights. Ross went 3-for-3 from the behind the arc in the 1st. The Raptors shot 55% to the Wizards’ 30% in that quarter. But don’t look for a gun now. This was two games ago. They won the next night.

  • The havoc wouldn’t let up. Jonas Valanciunas and Gortat were muscling each other down low. Then Valanciunas outmuscled Gortat for a layup and-1. Later, Paul Pierce tried to create some offense on the floor. Nothing. Nene drives baseline under the rim, tries to kick the ball out. Turnover. Then, a discombobulated possession of purposeless ball-swinging somehow ended up with a God-given Wall to Gortat finish. That was cool. But yo…silver linings..

6 Otto points in 6 Vine seconds

  • The 2nd quarter provided zero solace to the Wizards. In fact, things got a bit worse.

This exchange of jaws between Wittman and GRJR was an embodiment of the Wizards’ night in the north.

  • The Wizards made just 4 shots in the 2nd quarter, shooting a dreary 23%. They got to the line 15 times but only made 9 of their free throws. John Wall was 0-3. So was Nene. Paul Pierce missed both of his 3-point shots. I slit both of my wrists.

Amid the Northern onslaught, the Wizards, stripped of their souls and limbs, get this baseline drive and slam from a patriarch.

Here’s Kris Humphries, pleading for the ball, then showing us why.

The Wizards went on a cute 10-0 in the 3rd quarter, capped off by this play.

Anddd a Wall lefty shot for good measure.

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