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Game Notebook 10, Wizards vs. Mavericks: Monta Ellis opens fire on Bradley Beal’s comeback party

Mavericks 105
Wizards 102

November 19, 2014 – Verizon Center, Washington, DC


Key Stats

Wizards 30 fast break points: Despite starting the game shooting 0-for-5, John Wall had his boys running up and down court from the opening tip which led to 10 early fast break points in the 1st quarter and good portion of their free attempts. This was a prototypical display of Washington’s premiere strength- getting the rock off a rebound or a turnover and pressing the damn thing up court for an easy conversion at the basket, a kick out to a wing shooter, or drawing a foul.

Too, too, TOO much Monta!! Noted in my #WizMavs pregame was the petrifying threat of Monta Ellis shooting the ball. Dude poured in 18 of the Mavs’ 23 points in the 1st quarter. He shot 6-for-7 from the field in that opening quarter while the rest of his squad went 1-for-12. Ellis was able to create good looks for himself via separation form defenders going under screens, dribbling in between the defense and into open space, or, he just put it up right in your grill. Simply deadly.

Moment of the Night


I mean, what else could serve as the night’s best moment than seeing our beloved Panda returning after a 9-game hiatus? Beal walked onto the Verizon Center floor to the percussion of 14,000+ standing fans, absorbed whatever it was Paul Pierce had whispered in his ear, and proceeded to knock down 21 points in 26 minutes like he never left. Before the game, Randy Wittman said Beal was 100% in terms of health, but conditioning and timing would be the focal points as he gets eased back into action. Don’t think there’s much of a concern there anymore.

The Chronology

  • Randy Wittman stated before the game that it wasn’t the health of Bradley Beal’s wrist that was a concern, but more so “timing and conditioning”. With the way Garrett Temple opened up the game on both ends of the court, the timing for Beal’s appearance on the floor was reaching elevated levels of urgency.

  • Temple was guarding Monta Ellis early on and we all wish he hadn’t. Temp would continuously – and annoyingly – go under screens and give Ellis the separation he really didn’t need anyway to get a good look. On this one play, Temple went under a double screen and got completely absorbed. I mean, look! He’s not even in this still shot!

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 1.46.02 PM

/end Temple slander. For now at least.

  • How about John Wall’s floater, though? Can’t help but slander that kind of depravity. As Wizards fans we’ve had our fair share of shitty floaters and there’s really no cause for our franchise point guard to start getting into the same habit. Wall attempted two of them early in the game and neither was close.

  • “Running the break to perfection.” On to the positives. The Wizards totaled 30 fast break points in this game and the running and gunning began early and occurred often. Whether off a turnover or a defensive rebound, Wall initiated Washington’s break and the end result was easy baskets, kick out 3’s, and trips to the line.

Paul Pierce puts in 5th gear and finishes off the break with a dunk.

  • The devil, dressed up as Monta Ellis, spread mischief throughout the first quarter by pouring in 18 points and there was nothing the Wizards could do to suppress him.

  • Kris Humphries. Undeniably reliable. His value glows every time he’s on the court. One more sentence about him and it’s going full blown bromance. Humphries checked in the game around the usual time he usually checks in a game (midway point of the 1st quarter) and took little time to expose his impact, grabbing an offensive board and tossing it into the basket despite being completely groped by Jameer Nelson.

He’sssssss back!!

  • I’m not sure exactly what it was that Pierce whispered in Beal’s ear but I’m sure it was exactly what Beal needed to hear to help him score 21 points off the bench in his first game back. While “conditioning and timing” were concerns for Witt, they weren’t for Beal who seemed to have lost a minimal to zero pep to his step. Beal took 17 shots in 26 minutes of play, making nine of them including three 3’s.

Beal’s first points of the season, via exemplary Gortat handoff.

  • Brad got some burn with the second unit to begin the 2nd quarter which helped the Wizards get off to a fast start. First he scored on a sweet lay-in and then this, the first B3AL of the season:

Otto Porter. Doing what he does best. Little things. Special things. Important things.

And per usual, DC’s top Butler came through to tighten things up a bit. This 3 gave the Wizards a 7 point lead.

  • Ugh. Dirk and Monta pick and rolls have to be one of the leading causes of death for NBA defenses.

  • Dallas’ point guards, specifically Nelson, drastically played off of Wall, giving him all the space in the world to shoot..and also put together his bookshelves and dining set. He also ordered some fine china but a few of the Lismore Lace Gold plates were cracked during shipment. Wall unfortunately obliged, and proceeded to miss 6 of 8 from distances over 15 feet.

Wall with the jump cross-court pass to PI3RC3.

  • With the Wizards trailing by one going into the 3rd, a swing of momentum was needed. Instead, a swing of momentum was given to the Mavs after Wall shit his trousers with two quick 2nd half-opening turnovers which led to six quick Dallas points. Randy Wittman frantically called for time to settle things down.

One thing you can’t deny is the Wizards’ ball movement this season, especially in transition.

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