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Wizards Media Day/training camp roundup: Media Frenzy

With the preseason scheduled to start next week, The Washington Wizards opened up their practice court for media day. It was a chance for the players to pose for their various NBA head shots, personal team photos and answer questions from various members of the media. The players were all noticeably loose and an overwhelming sense of optimism filled the Verizon Center with the word “playoffs” echoing from every direction.
From the perspective of this Wizards blogger, it was unchartered territory for me. For the first time, I come in to a season with a renewed sense of optimism and the hope of being able to cover post season basketball. I see Nene posing for headshots, I turn around and see Otto Porter talking to Holden and Danny on 106.7 the fan and while all that is going on, John Wall enters the room and the media circus is underway. I felt like I was in a bloggers best dream and the best part, I never had to wake up from it.

It’s no secret that the Wizards enter this upcoming season with the highest expectations they’ve had in a number of seasons. Just mentioning the Washington Wizards and “playoffs” in the same sentence is a true testament to the patience this team and its ownership has exercised over the last few years to be able to put themselves in such a position. it also feels pretty sweet 😀

We were able to catch up with various players including Martell Webster, Nene, Eric Maynor and John Wall. Unfortunately, With my first media day came my first media botch:

I landed a great  exclusive with Martell Webster. Anyone who knows Martell knows what kind of personality he is. Fun loving and energetic guy who has the best sense of humor of any person I’ve come across. I hate to use the cliché, but he’s one of those guys that’s always smiling. He trolls his fellow players, makes fun of media members but at the end of it all, he put his arm around you, shakes your hand and asks, “when can we do that again?” He’s an interviewers dream!

First thing I asked him was about his beard. “What bet did you lose? your Seahawks are 3-0 so it couldn’t be an NFL related one.” Martell replied, “it wasn’t a bet, it was a BED…” He chuckled and added, “My wife made me shave it.”

My colleague Zain Zaidi asked him whether or not dry Captain Crunch cereal makes his gums bleed. Martell gave him a look and told him he was alone on his Captain Crunch struggles. Zain, it might be time to see the dentist!

So why am I telling you all about what Martell said instead of posting the video of the interview? Because I forgot press record on my iPhone camera -_-   No worries Wizards fans, we have plenty of media content from everyone else. Hope you enjoyed the coverage and look forward to interacting with all of you as the season gets underway. Go Wiz!

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