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Recap: The Wizards encapsulate #SoWizards in a late night fiasco

Kings 117 – Wizards 111 (ot)

March 18, 2014
Sleep Train Arena, Sacramento, CA
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This defining moment >>>

A frustrating finish to the night was capped off by Demarcus Cousins giving Marcin some lip and a bombardment of Marcin expletives thrown right back. It was just that kind of ending to a weird, #So, #SOOOOWizards spectacle in Sacramento and quite honestly, the next game couldn’t happen sooner. That, or we need a serious case of Bradley Beal’s amnesia.

It’s hard to generate the proper words to describe last night only because so many apply. I guess “inexplicable”, “appalling”, and “are f*cking kidding me!?” would be a start.

The Wizards opened the game jet lagged and sluggish, tanking on their first few possessions and missed nine of their first 10 shots. They were outscored 30-19 in the first, pulled within one by halftime, went back in forth in the 3rd, led by as many as 11 in the 4th, were tied up at the end of regulation, and eventually gassed out in overtime. In between all that was the muddled excreta that created that chronology of events.

It also comes as no surprise that the turning point of a game this unnerving would be two missed free throws by John Wall that would have essentially clinched the game for the Wizards in the winding seconds of regulation. Instead, it remained a two-point game and of course Rudy Gay, who shot daggers all night, hits one more to tie the game with five seconds remaining.

The play coming out of the ensuing time out could be deemed questionable and it surely was by the contingents of #WizardsTwitter. Bradley Beal took the inbound, went around a hard Gortat screen, got an open look from about 23 feet, and missed. Most will criticize the playcall because of how much Beal struggled shooting all night, but hey..


Play of the night


Game MVP:
Drew Gooden – 18 points, 7-10 FG, 6 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals

Gooden once again cemented his value and justified the decision the Wizards made just hours before the game to keep him on board for the rest of the season. He simply does everything right. He knows when to take a jumper, when to drive the basket, how and where to position himself defensively. What beautifies Gooden’s outbreak is how unprecedented it is. We expected very little and got a very lot. He mysteriously disappeared in the overtime period, though, playing all five minutes but accumulating no stats at all. But alas, #SoWizards, #SoWeird.


A forgettable night for:
EVERYONE, myself included.

Bradley Beal’s off night. John Wall missing game-clinching free throws. Marcin Gortat’s sideline rage. Randy Wittman questionable playcalls. Isaiah Thomas’ triple double. Demarcus Cousins’ mocking shrug. Rudy Gay’s 24 points. My post-game indigestion.


Key stat(s) of the game:
Wizards outrebounded 41-30, allowed 23 second chance points

Stats like these will almost surely encapsulate on a loss. And I’m sure there was more to do with Gortat’s courtside fury at the end of the game than just Cousins giving him mouth. Cousins grabbed seven offensive rebounds (14 overall), helping the Kings accumulate 23 second chance points. Gortat did grab 14 boards of his own, but unlike the Wizards who had only one player manufacture double-digit rebounds, the Kings had three – including Isaiah Thomas’ career high of 11. Reggie Evans added 10.


In closing, we love Drew Gooden ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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