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Wizards at Sixers Pregame: The Playoff Train Continues


Regular Season Game 68

Wizards (32-35) at Sixers (9-58)

March 17, 2016 at 7:00 PM
Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA
TV: CSN Mid-Atlantic
Radio: 99.1FM

Last time they met was..

February 29, 2016 – Verizon Center: Wizards 116, Sixers 108

What to watch

After spiraling into presumed basketball abyss thanks to an abominable 5-game losing streak, the Wizards have once again turned us fans into a box of Lego’s, toying with us as they break apart and rebuild our emotions. Five straight losses, cast by squandered leads, a plethora of missed free throws, and outright disengagement has now been followed up with two straight wins against two prime playoff contenders by a combined total of 64 points. Oooowhat the f*ck.

The so-called playoff push we all coveted certainly started five games late, but the Wizards have found a groove, and John Wall told us how:

Glad to hear the cause for a turnaround was as simple as “kind of looking at film” and realizing you’re “some shit.” Nevertheless, the realization was made and the Wizards have now created a loud stir inside the basement of the Eastern Conference playoff bracket, and they did so while there’s still some time and still some hope. The combined winning percentage of the 13 teams left on the Wizards schedule not located in Golden State or Los Angeles is .391. If the Wizards can continue to refrain from being “some shit,” we might not have to see them trickle into the playoffs, but instead barge into with some heavy steam. Who the hell knows?

Key Matchup

The mouse vs. the trap

So about that 2-game winning streak and the +1 million point differential. The Wizards are finally playing pissed off and with some urgency that we hadn’t yet seen. This is great and all, except that sometimes they get to a point where they feel themselves a little too much, especially in the face of inferior teams. They’re mousing around for some consistency, and right now the 9-win Sixers look like a fat block of cheese. Catch my drift? A #SoWizards trap is always plausible, but they’d have to be #TooWizards to drop one against the Sixers with the stakes so high.



The Wizards are not a very good rebounding team. Actually, the Wizards are THE worst rebounding team in the entire league. Until they play the 76ers. Check the numbers:

  • Wizards total team rebounds per game: 40.8 (worst in the league)
  • Wizards total team rebounds vs. the Sixers (3 games): 51.3

Additionally, the Wizards are the second worst offensive rebounding team in the league at 8.8 per game. In three games this season against the Sixers, however, they’ve averaged 13.3 offensive rebounds.

Marcin Gortat in particular is averaging nearly 5 more rebounds per game when he plays against the Sixers and 2 more offensive rebounds. He also had his career-high in rebounds with 20 against Philly in their last game.

Fun Factor:

#WittmanFace F-bombs!

From November 2013, Randy Wittman lambastes his team for a sorry defensive performance against the Sixers.

“Commitment to fucking playing defense. That’s what it is … The thing they haven’t learned, and I got to figure out a way, you could see it coming out of the locker room. You’ve got to respect the game, your opponent. … Everything you get is `No, we’re OK.’ We’re not OK. We’re 0-2. We’re not OK.”


The Wizards will be OK.

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