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Wizards at Sixers Pregame: Will There Finally Be Light?


Washington (33-25)
at Philadephia (12-45)

February 27, 2015 at 7:00 PM
TV: CSNWashington
Radio: 99.1FM

Tale of the Tape

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Last time they met was..

January 19, 2015 @ Verizon Center, Washington, DC – Wizards 111, Sixers 76
Game Notebook 42, Wizards vs. Sixers: Slow to start, fast and furious to finish

What to Watch: The Sixers are terrible, but obviously so have been the Wizards (both teams have won just two games this month). However, the Sixers do have a few players that make this game interesting. 2013-2014 rookie of the year Michael Carter Williams has a lot of talent, and will look to be measuring himself against John Wall…WAIT…never mind. MCW was traded last Thursday. Fear not! The Sixers still have rookie KJ Mcdaniels, who has flashed signs of being a legitimate building block, along with being a certified human highlight reel. Oh…apparently he was also traded on Thursday. Well at last the Sixers got a blue chipper back with all their deals to build around for the future. They didn’t?!?! WTF ARE THE SIXERS DOING?! Let’s just move on.

Key matchup: NBA basketball vs. pickup basketball. This game is going to require a tremendous amount of discipline, for both the Wizards fans, and the Wizards themselves. There is nothing more difficult as a competitor than playing against an opponent who provides no competition. Having just lost to a 12-win team two nights ago, no one knows this fact better than the Wizards. The Sixers were performing as a truly competent NBA team prior to the trade deadline. Obviously, this angered management and affected their tanking agenda.

As a result, the Wizards will take the floor against a team composed of only 20-30% actual NBA caliber players. It’s like a college team playing a high school team. Or like Kentucky playing a college team. Beware of the Wizards playing with little focus, little discipline, poor defense, and sloppy execution. And beware of your own sanity, as you sit in front of your TV, literally tearing your hair out, and wondering how on earth the Wizards are down 5 in the 4th quarter to the 76ers.

X-factor: 3-point shooting. Sixers head coach Brett Brown has a very unique policy. Any player can shoot 3s, as long as they are practicing their shooting. It doesn’t matter if they are good 3-point shooters or not. If you work on the shot enough in practice, and make enough, you have the green light to shoot in the game. As a result, the Sixers have some of the most random and volatile 3-point shooting in the league. You never know who’s going to shoot, who’s going to make, and who’s going to catch fire. You just don’t know. (As a fan, you literally don’t know, as in you have seriously never seen or heard of anyone on the Sixers roster). If you do in fact end up tearing your hair out or committing some type of significant property damage, this is probably why.

Fun factor: JAVALE MCGEE!!! Woo! What Wizards fan doesn’t love to watch Javale McGee Shaqtin-a-fool all over the court and laugh at whoever’s paying him. Oh, the joy of reminiscing about the good ‘ol days, when some of us actually said things like “he’s talented” and “when he develops a touch around the rim” or “when he develops a post game.” (Sigh). Oh JaVale, what will you do next? Will you dive into the stands to kiss an old lady? Will you score on the wrong basket? Will you block your own teammates shot? We never know. You always keep us guessing. We love you Javale. We don’t miss you, but we love you!


Prediction: Wizards finally win one, but only after numerous lamps, phones, and remotes are hurled across rooms, out windows, and off balconies all over DC. JaVale McGee forgets which team he plays for, takes four possessions to make a decision, then goes and sits on the Wizards bench when he sees Nene check in the game.

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