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Wizards 2014-15 Player Previews: Otto Porter


2013-2014 Key Stats

Games played, started: 37, 0

Total minutes, per game: 319, 5.3

Points per game: 2.1

Field goals: 33-91 (.363)

It was quite a year for young Otto Porter. After being deemed one of the safest picks in the draft and being selected by a rising Wizards team, Porter seemed to be going into an ideal situation. A hip flexor injury and slower than expected “assimilation” to the NBA had many thinking “bust”. Porter only played in 37 regular season games and was considered a schematic misfit because of his inability to break into a Wittman rotation that struggled with bench production. After just one season where Porter had all sorts of bad luck, most were writing him off. Porter never scored in the double digits and ended games with a zero in the points column. Otto Porter needs to work on many things as a player if he wants to have a future as a Wizard, if not an NBA player in general. The bright spot for Otto this calendar year was his 19 ppg average in the Summer League. He flashed many abilities that coincide with what he needs to improve on to be a fit for this team. Those abilities include shooting from downtown with more consistency, playing sound defense on the wing, and being someone who can be relied on to go one on one and score points in certain situations.

Unfortunately, the Summer League is apart of his 2014-2015 season, leaving the analysis of his rookie season as very negative. With Trevor Ariza out the door and an older Paul Pierce starting at the Small Forward position, the door is open for Porter. If he can pick up where he left off in Summer League, this year could be a sophomore success for young Otto. That is if he’s given the opportunity. Players don’t get much better when they’re glued to the bench. Porter played the fewest amount of games and had the lowest scoring average (2.1 ppg) of any player drafted that high since 1980.

“Not playing emotionally took a toll on me. Definitely was a roller coaster. At the same time, I feel like it was perfect. I feel like it was the perfect rookie season.”

At least Otto is a glass half-full kind of guy.

So are his teammates. #Positivethoughts

The highs and lows of 2013-14

Ottos first minutes in an NBA game probably weren’t what he imagined. He committed a traveling violation the first time he touched the basketball.

He picked up a quick foul after that. His first shot attempt was an airball. He didn’t score a point until his third game.

The highlight of Porters season was later on in April against the Orlando Magic. He scored nine points and grabbed nine rebounds in 26 minutes. Those were and still are career highs for Porter.

“Otto Porter flies high to finish the alley-oop”

Otto Porter: The person

For being the 3rd overall pick and only averaging less than nine minutes in 37 games, Otto Porters best attributes might be the positive attitude he maintained throughout the season and into the offseason. He never complained. He always tried to look at the positive side of things. I’m sure it sounds like a backhanded compliment, similar to what you say about a girl who isn’t that attractive but is too nice to insult for her looks.

“Oh…Otto? Yeah. He’s…I mean he’s a really sweet guy. Good personality. He’s…I mean I guess hes cute.”

Only those who have met Otto up close and personal know exactly why that’s one of the best things about him. He’s the textbook definition of a bashful and humble young kid. He just recently turned 21 and he will give you a good interview in a postgame of a contest where he played three garbage-time minutes and missed all of his shots. He’s just a genuinely nice guy and someone who’s easy to root for. Imagine if he was playing Joe Pistone in Donnie Brasco in the scene where he won’t take off his shoes in the Japanese restaurant because he’s undercover for the FBI. Otto would probably rather get caught snitching by the mafia than offend a stranger.

Looks like a kid in a candy store.

Otto Porter

The celebration after Otto Porter took out the trash for the time.


It was overall a down year for Otto Porter. What’s important is that Otto took it as a learning experience and can look at this upcoming season as a fresh start on the hardwood. It was important for last season not to drag his spirits down to the point where his confidence was shot. With what we saw from him this summer – it’s clear that wasn’t the case.


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