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Wizards 2014-15 Player Previews: Drew Gooden


2013-2014 Key Stats

Games played, started: 22, 0

Total minutes, per game: 395, 18.0

Points per game: 8.3

Field goals: 76-143 (.531)

3-point FG pct: .412

Rebounds per 36 minutes 10.4

What could be deemed as the greatest 10-day contract signing of all time, the Wizards made a move that completely altered the direction of the franchise.

Okay, hyperbole aside, Drew Gooden was refreshing at the very least for the Wizards last season. He gave a type of effort and hustle that came off as more than just a guy hitting the deck every play. A fairly consistent player over the course of his career, he still fell short of the expectations that were laid upon him in his first and most recent stop in the league. At first glance and when he signed with the Wizards last February, he was looked at a stopgap until Nene came back from injury. Nene was headlined to be sidelined about six weeks, most thought Drew wouldn’t make it past those first ten days. After all, he had just been amnestied by the Milkwaukee Bucks.

That didn’t deter him from working his way to becoming a personal favorite of many Wizards fans. Hot yoga he performed. Trained in Bethesda he did. Hardwood work at the University of Maryland he took part in. Gooden isn’t a guy you can start or rely on for heavy minutes, but the Wizards never seemed to want to use him for more than a bit role. There were plenty of games where he didn’t exactly fit the bill, but reliability from midrange and aggression on the boards more than made up for that.

However, Gooden only played in 22 games. Whether he can contribute consistently for a full season in the red, white and blue remains to be seen. Gooden was also signed to a one year-deal so his status for the future is still uncertain. Friends of Gooden and Gooden himself said that he’s looking for a home. With his actual home nearby, Gooden hopes to continue his relative success with the Wizards. It all remains to be seen. Well that’s unless AARON RODGERS HAS SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THAT!


The Best and Worst of 2013-14

Gooden had a relatively strong year for himself and provided some things the Wizards were sorely lacking. AARON RODGERS AGREES.


With numbers translated to ‘per 36 minutes’ coming out to 16.7 points per game and 10.4 rebounds per game, you can’t deny Gooden’s impact in his limited bench role. When your backup big is close to a 90% clip from the free throw line, and above 40% from downtown, you should be able to look back at it as a good signing. However, as with many backups, the performances weren’t as consistent as you’d hope. He only posted one double-double in the regular season, and didn’t play as many minutes per game during the playoffs. Then again, his opening performance against the Pacers with 12 points and 13 rebounds, with seven of them on the offensive side, cemented his status as a quality signing for the Wizards. BETHESDA STAND UP.

If you don’t want to hear Chris Webber’s voice, please just mute. Ugh, but then you’ll miss Gooden’s screams directed at the ball on his tip-in the 55 second mark. Decisions decisions.

Unfortunately, Game 3 of the Pacers drew a much less significant contribution from Gooden. In 17 minutes, he only scored one point and his manic energy was inconsequential if not nonexistent. Is that a double negative? If Gooden scores one point in the forest does anybody hear it? I don’t know man.

The lone double-double for Gooden was against the Lakers and there was also another notable highlight for Gooden in that game. Whether it was just his way of playing his heart out, or he was secretly contracted by Kobe Bryant to rip off Nick Young’s arm to provide more shots for the Mamba, well, we will leave that up to you. Imagine if he did rip his arm off and Nick Young still played the game after. I’m just picturing Young jacking up threes with one arm and Kobe looking on in disgust and contempt from the sideline.


Here’s the Vine footage:

Always save the best for last right? Gooden’s other big game was when he put up 18 against the Kings. The best part about the following highlight video is that it was seemingly submitted by a Bucks fan. The video caption reads like this…

“This is getting pretty ridiculous. Drew Gooden has exceeded all my expectations. And everybody else’s, too, I’m sure. There’s no way his jumpshot will be this pure for the rest of the season, right?”

Son. Check the discount double check.

Once again for you peasants. Recognize.


Peep the highlights…

But wait…yes. The shrugoff. No, not the “Shrug Game” a la Jordan against the Blazers.

This…this was Gooden’s submission into Wizards lore.

Looking ahead..

In conclusion, Gooden was both capable and refreshing for the Wizards last year. He’s not the best defender but he gives a helluvan effort. He shot very well from the field and the free throw line. He was more reliable than the Trevor Bookers and Kevin Seraphins of the team which left the Wizards no choice but to resign him. Considering that, the Wizards still stocked up big on the frontcourt along with Gooden. Randy Wittman’s job is figuring out how to make it all work. Whether or not Gooden finds the home he was looking for all along will really be up to if Gooden makes himself a piece of the puzzle with so many other players with comparable and contrasting skillsets. Or, it’ll be someone else completely taking his thunder. We will find out if he did in next year’s player reviews.

Drew’s defining moments.

The range.

The sacrifice.

The shrug.

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