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Whimpers & crab dribbles; Whispers of malice: The worst of Queen James vs. Wizards


With Lebron and gang coming into town tonight to face the Wizards, let’s take a look and remind everybody why the Wizards hated Lebron before it was cool. Yes, world, even the sports fans in DC are hipsters. [SPOILER]: They’re all playoff moments.


#5 – 2008 NBA Playoffs

The Crybaby Saga


The 2008 NBA playoffs held some of the weirdest moments in the Phone Booth. One of the first came when Papa John’s teamed up with the Wizards to supply fans with t-shirts to white the arena out. On the back of said t-shirt?

Taking it a step further, the Wizards introduced the “Baby Cam” during breaks and timeouts…


Ultimately, Papa John’s ended up paying the price as the negative press that surrounded them in Cleveland led to the franchise offering Cleveland residents 23 cent pizzas.


#4 – DeShawn v. LeBron

..and a special courtside cameo
by Soulja Boy Tell Em

Things got even more weird in those 2008 playoffs as a beef between DeShawn Stevenson and LeBron James ignited after Game 2. DeShawn was quoted as saying, “Lebron James is overrated, and you can say I said that.”

LeBron replied with the following: “With DeShawn Stevenson, it’s kind of funny. It’s almost like Jay-Z [responding to a negative comment] made by Soulja Boy. It doesn’t make sense.”

So what does Deshawn Stevenson do? Invite Soulja Boy to game 3, of course.


#3 – Cavs get ratchet in D.C.

Love Nightclub becomes an anti-Wizards orgy

So then. Instead of inviting Jay-Z to Game 4 in Washington, Lebron pours another 500 gallons of gasoline on the fire of hatred that burned for him in town already. Some of the Cavaliers went to the popular club “Love” after Game 4 where Cavs reserve Damon Jones grabbed the mic from the DJ and decided to go on a short rant about the Wizards and Stevenson.


It got worse as the DJ dropped a Jay-Z diss record towards Deshawn Stevenson over Too $hort’s “Blow the Whistle”. And how many times did it play? Not one…not two…not three…not four…but five times just before 2AM. (See what I did there?)

Caron Butler, who was in attendance, immediately informed Stevenson and then left the club.


#2 – The Crab Dribble

Eastern Conference Playoffs 1st Round, Game 5 (May 3, 2006)

With a chance to take a 3-2 series lead over the Cavs in Cleveland, the Wizards were up 120-119 with 3.6 seconds remaining in overtime. The ball was inbounded to LeBron, who then crab dribbled down the baseline and right to the hoop to score the game winner.


#1 – “You miss both free throws, y’all goin’ home.”

Eastern Conference Playoffs 1st Round, Game 6 (May 3, 2006)

With the season on the line and up by one in overtime (yet again) with 15 seconds left, one of the best closers in the game at the time in Gilbert Arenas was at the line to try and extend the lead to three. And just before he got the ball from the ref came the infamous whisper.

Since the ’08 playoffs, the hatred for Lebron and the Cavs died down and then pretty much disappeared once he signed with the Heat. Now when the guys come to town, half the fans are wearing Bron Bron’s gear.

The way things are going this season, however, has to spark some excitement for long-time Wizards fans and generate a renewal of hatred for the crab-dribbling, ESPN-special-hosting crybaby himself in a possible playoff rematch. The only question this go-round would be will John Wall and crew do any better than Gilbert and friends?

Only time will tell.

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