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Where’s the STEEZ? Trade Speculation Engaged

To follow up yesterday’s post by Abdullah questioning the whereabouts of Jordan Crawford, we’ve brought on Cory Grubbs (@CoryGrubbs10) of Blog So Hard Sports (@BlogSoHardSport) to share some trade scenarios that could involve Jordan Crawford if the Wizards ever consider moving him. Again, these are speculations derived from our own minds and have no reflection of any official report from the Wizards.

Exactly 23 days ago Steez was up to his normal Steezy shenanigans. You remember right? Well if you don’t, maybe this dagger will remind you. That’s right; three weeks ago Jordan Crawford hit the dagger of the year to bury the TrailBlazers. Two games later he poured in 19 instrumental points in aiding the Wizards to a victory over the TimberWolves.

Fast forward to today and the Wizards are riding a four game winning streak but the Steez has been M.I.A. And by M.I.A. I mean back-to-back ‘DNP – Coach’s Decisions’ to go with 11 combined minutes in the previous two games. That’s right, 11 combined minutes in the last four games, which all happened to be Wizards’ wins against playoff teams.

So where does that leave J-Craw? Well, in our situation, the trade rumor mill. With the only reason that most can think for Crawford’s recent benching, the infamous “Randy Wittman Dog House”, the Wizards community has been speculating about possible trades. So let’s dig right in and look at some of those possibilities.

Trade 1

Wizards get:
Derrick Williams and JJ Barea

Timberwolves get:
Jordan Crawford, Kevin Seraphin, and Trevor Ariza

This trade nets the Wizards what some of the Wiz community think would be a perfect fit beside Wall in Derrick Williams. Williams, a former #2 overall pick, is an athletic combo forward who can be a stretch 4 or a bigger 3 on the wing. He also can get up and down the court and finish in transition, a plus when playing alongside Wall. JJ would give us a steady back-up PG who can light it up in a hurry if needed, a la his playoff performance against the Lakers.

The T-Wolves would bring back a scoring 2-guard to play alongside Rubio or bring him off the bench as their 6th man. They would also get a young, still developing PF in Seraphin and a stout wing defender in Ariza. And they finally move on from their failed Derrick Williams experiment, who can now be Wall’s new project.

Trade 2

Wizards get:
Rip Hamilton and Marquis Teague

Bulls get:
Jordan Crawford and Jan Vesely

In this scenario the Wiz pick up Rip, who’s been rumored to be on the trading block, and a young point guard prospect in Marquis Teague. You’re probably thinking now, “Why would we want Rip and Teague?” Here’s why: Rip would be a great mentor to Beal over the next two years and provide as a solid wing player off the bench. Rip is one of the best at moving without the ball and that could really help progress Beal’s game. In Teague, the Wiz land a back-up point guard that can push the ball at a slightly similar pace as Wall and someone who could develop into a very attractive trading chip down the road in about two seasons. Think Eric Bledsoe.

The Bulls would land a perfect 6th man in Crawford and an athletic project in Jan Vesely. Rose and Wall play a similar style of game so Vesely can now be Rose’s project..right? Also if needed I would be willing to throw in a 2nd round pick from this year’s draft.  If the Bulls would abide, the Wiz should jump all over this trade.

These are two trades that if possible, the Wizards should think long and hard about. But we are talking about Ernie Grunfeld, so no one should hold their breaths on him making a sound trade. And trust me, these trades are legit. They all worked out on NBA 2k13. Let us know what you think of these trades, and give us your possible J-Craw trade proposals.

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