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What Is Your Wizards Season Opener Pregame Music?


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When preparing for a big game, most athletes feel the necessity to find something to hype them up. Conceptually, it’s music and ideally, it’s a song comprised of a hard bass line with about 32 bars pertaining to various types of hardcore ish with a lot of cuss words that really does the trick. If your Damien Lilliard, however, you’re listening to “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train and that’s weird af.

That piece of information was according to a MTV.com’s post on NBA players’ pregame music, which also mentioned John Wall and his pregame playlist unsurprisingly consisting of Meek Mill, Rich Homie Quan, and Young Thug.

Bradley Beal has a nice selection, too. When he’s listening to Drake’s “The Language”, I’m guessing he’s prepping to shoot at least five 3’s. When it’s Rick Ross’ “War Ready”, I’d imagine he’s thinking about some serious body work at the rim.

Matt Barnes is a bit less diverse but so expected of him:

1. Tupac “California Love”
2. Tupac “I Get Around”
3. Tupac “Me & My Girlfriend”
4. Tupac “Picture Me Rollin’”
5. Tupac “Hit ’Em Up”

Pregame music is not only restricted to athletes, however. Bloggers and fans have souls as well and like to get just as hype, also by way of some bad ass tunes.

Here, we present each member of Hoop District’s choice song for tonight’s mega-hyped Wizards season opener.

What’s yours?


2Pac – Hit ‘Em Up

Because F Kyrie. F Steph Curry. F LeBron and his whole motherF’in crew. And if you are an OKC fan, then F you too. Joakim Noah, F you too!


Boots – I Run Roulette

Amidst several changes to the competitive landscape in the East – free agency, coaching, departures – the Wizards, for the most part, held true to form. They saw instant-hero Paul Pierce bolt to LA to make his twilight a little sunnier, and in turn, take with him most of the Wizards’ media attention.

So as Washington’s season tips tonight, they’re the overlooked option, firmly nestled into the middle of the conference pack.

Enter BOOTS’ “I Run Roulette” a song that begins with an enticement to take a chance, and by the end, explodes into a payoff of guitars, drums, and chants. If you’re the Wizards, you’re looking at your All-Star point guard, a successful 2014-2015 season, and a competitive playoff run and wondering, where’s the love?

Take a gamble. The payoff will be amazing.

“If you don’t know, keep it close
If you don’t go, I might run
I run roulette.”


D-Block – 2 Gunz Up

I’m a heavy-hitter when pursuing hypeness and this joint is just the perfect choice. It begins with Jadakiss’ marching chant while Green Lantern’s beat unravels into a sick bass line. The gunshot sound effects and the “2 Gunz Up” title can only remind me of you know what. And when Jadakiss exclaims that he is “top 5 dead or alive” in the hook I can only think of John Wall. Combine all that with Sheek’s relentless hood lyrics in the middle verse and this song just convinces you that you are not to be messed with tonight. I’m personally sending the Magic to D-block with this one.


Coolio – Fantastic Voyage

I’m going with this one as it’s the perfect feel-good song to invoke the pure elation of a Wizards season opener. The Wizards have finally proved themselves as an elite NBA team. With high expectations, they’re on the voyage to get a ring. So, competition: if you can’t take the heat, get ya a$$ out the kitchen….they’re on a mission.


Drake featuring Future – Jumpman

It’s really a no brainier. Drake gets everyone hype and he and Future together on a track is about as hype and exciting as watching Wall and Beal run the break.

Drake is like John wall. No matter what he does or where he is, excitement is around him.

Beal and Future draw parallels as well. As a single player, Beal might not be great. Good.. yes. Perhaps really good. But with John running the show with them, it elevates both of them to another level.


Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. II

I have a playlist specifically for when im going to play pickup basketball or before any sporting event I’m going to participate in. This is a tough ass song. Like, nobody can step to this. Its not a child’s song, its a grown ass man song and if you’re rapping it, you’re not playing around.

The Wiz are not playing around anymore. Making the playoffs was a goal….three years ago. We are on to bigger and better things and the whole league needs to be put on notice.

Wizards 2015-2016 – other teams may have more hype and stolen all the media attention but they ain’t crooks son, they just shook ones.

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