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#WallStar Had Himself A Weekend, And He Deserved It

John Wall is undoubtedly this Wizards team’s most valuable player. John Wall may also undoubtedly be considered the player in the league who holds the MOST value to his respective team. Yes, I know there are plenty of dudes around the NBA whose absence could lead to the complete wreckage of their squad, but when John Wall does as little as to miss more than a few jumpers, or fails to dish out 10 assists, there’s a very good probability that the Wizards are getting bodied in that game. Because of these #facts, the season has worn down John Wall; it has physically taxed John Wall; it has mentally frustrated John Wall.

But that is also exactly why John Wall deserved this All-Star vacation (probably the last time I’ll describe a trip to Canada in mid-February a vacation; but it was). He deserved it as much as any other player deserved it, and if you ask me (don’t ask me), he deserved it the most. After a gut-wriggling, 28-loss first half of the season, the consolation prize of being showered with attention, beamed by a spotlight, and absorbed with the rest of the league’s stars became a simple reminder for John and for us his stature as a professional basketball player. We as Wizards fans obviously witness this stature on a nightly basis. Whether he’s notching together a stretch of four or five consecutive double-doubles, or whether he’s enduring an off-night with six turnovers and five missed 3’s, we see his prowess as the team MVP and we see his position as the physical line between the Wizards succeeding and collapsing.

This past weekend was, in a way, invigorating for me as a Wizards fan. Watching John Wall goofing around with LeBron, or chopping it up with James Harden and Kevin Durant; losing his mind off a Zach LaVine dunk, all these images made me subside the disgruntled feelings I have for the way the Wizards have performed up until the All-Star Break. At least for about 48 hours.

Here are some highlights from the weekend:

“Headed to TDot”

Wall, sporting an expression of genuine relief, maybe a little slant in his lip from an ailing knee, but nevertheless there was pure excitement.

Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 11.29.57 AM

[Photo via @JohnWall Instagram]

The impending Nike mates..?

Wall and Bron have been close buds off the court for a while, but their camaraderie looks to heighten a bit after Wall’s induction to the Rich Paul squad (which LeBron is also a squadrin), and also Wall’s super-cryptic messages of joining LeBron on the Nike team as well.

Let’s note that if this John and Bron relationship does grow any stronger, it’ll have to start with Bron working on this very important dance.

A wise playa’s Valentine’s Day advice.

This was pure heart-shaped gold.

At least he looked warm…

I am usually a huge fan of Wall’s wardrobe. But every so often he’ll come out in a set of garbs that make me question why I am usually a huge fan of his wardrobe. Friday afternoon was one of those moments. To accurately sum up his blazer-over-the-turtleneck game:

The Trio

I’ve noticed while attending All-Star events in past years that these three will always end up together and engage in extensive conversations (I have a Facebook cover photo from 2015 to prove it). Unfortunately, I’ve never been able to get close enough to eavesdrop, although I’d love to listen in on the fraternal exchanges. Here they are again this past weekend sharing a ‘caption me’ moment.


[Photo via @NBAonTNT Twitter]

The Main Event


G-Wiz with the All-Star creep..


[Photo via @recordsANDradio Twitter]

Seriously, though. How Dejuan Blair get in there?


The French Blue 12’s

This flavor of Jordans was always my personal favorite. They came out during my senior year of high school, which was also the prime of my athletic years (simply meaning I was less than 140 pounds with high metabolism). Wall rocked more than one pair of shoes on Sunday night. He wore Kobes, he wore a SICK pair of Buscemis, but when trotted out onto the All-Star floor with the Jordan 12’s, there were *heart-emojis* everywhere.


[Photo via @SoleCollector Twitter]

Wall finishes with 22 points, 3 assists, 3 rebounds

When you’ve got 15 massive egos and world-class basketball talents raked together on one squad, finding the moment for your favorite player to capture the spotlight can be a pain. And while it seemed like forever before Wall checked in, and it seemed like forever before Wall would warm up (he missed a few 3’s to start), he did end the game with the second most points scored on the East behind Paul George’s 41. Wall, unquestionably hindered by an aching knee, seemed a bit reserved on the floor initially but soon got the ooh’s and ahh’s pouring in from the crowd.

Here are some quick Vine-lights:


John Wall’s 28-foot granny shot that didn’t even count was every Wizards fans highlight.

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