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Al Harrington, the uncle: Defying science, atrophy, and degeneration

A decisive #DrunkUncle jam caps off a decisive #Wizards win.

Al Harrington was advised by the coaching staff/trainers to refrain from dunking basketballs as a measure to prevent causing any aggravation to his lower back. Apparently he had ‘tweaked’ it in the first half. Apparently he gave zero sh*ts about coaching staff/trainer advice. After plowing past Derrick Favors and throwing down the emphatic two-hand slam, Harrington howled in the direction of the Wizards bench to the percussion of his equally emphatic teammates. He later told us that he was “yelling at [his coaches]” as to prove to them that he was just fine.

Garrett Temple, a member of the sideline sideshow that erupted after Harrington’s jam, let his Twitter world know about it to which in return, Harrington warned of more #DrunkUncle antics.


Harrington scored 8 points in 21 minutes for the Wizards last night and also contributed with three assists. My biggest surprise in regards to Harrington’s recent upsurge is his quickness off the dribble and his ferocity toward the basket. For a man with fossilized knees, having played just 24 games since the beginning of 2012, Uncle Al has defied the concepts of atrophy and degeneration.

“I got the package, man. I just got old.” — Uncle Al

Tightly wrapped under leg thermals, Harrington’s knees have seemed to recharge back to 2004 – for now at least. The continued endurance of he and the two other #WizVets could be just the reformation this Wizards bench unit needed. Last night against Utah, the #WizVets combined for 22 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds to go with their 104 years of age. That’s certainly not to be held in contempt for an aging group who’s seen minimal floor time and still lack chemistry together.

However, if anyone was resentful of #DrunkUncle antics, it was Jeremy Evans, whom I had to make two special Vine videos for. Harrington masterfully crossed over Evans with a textbook behind-the-back move that left Evans skidding on the baseline. Harrington then capped off the play with a nice find down low. Please enjoy that and a few more Harrington visuals from last night.

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