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[ TrophyGate ] – Leonsis Details Revealed To Be Bogus

Last week, the Washington Post revealed a story regarding the whereabouts of the Bullets 1978 championship trophy, which had been reportedly missing for some time. In that column, Leonsis narrates how the trophy was said to be recovered from the depths of former Bullets executive Everett “Smokie” Bowie’s closet, taken to Tiffany & Co. to be polished and repaired, before it was finally returned to the Verizon Center to be displayed in a new trophy case on the main concourse.

However, according to an updated story on the Post this morning, Irene Pollin and the Bowie family confirmed that Leonsis’ story was untrue. In fact, there’s absolutely no relevance between Ted’s tale and Pollin’s. According to Mrs. Pollin, the trophy was in fact stashed somewhere in a closet, it just wasn’t Smokie’s. It had actually never left the Verizon Center at any point since the stadium opened in 1997, but instead was just stored away in an office suite on the 3rd floor of the Verizon Center while it’s new trophy case was being constructed. The Tiffany portion of the Ted’s story stands correct, however.

“It never left the Verizon Center.” — Irene Pollin

So with these new revelations, a few questions get drawn, like, who or what gave Leonsis the idea that the trophy was ever in Bowie’s house? Or, why didn’t the Washington Post confirm Leonsis’ story with Irene Pollin or anyone from the Bowie family before publishing their initial article?

While Ted has admitted the falsehood of his accounts, he didn’t explain how he developed his story in the first place.

“The Bullets’ 1978 championship trophy wasn’t off-site when Monumental Sports & Entertainment purchased the team, rather, it was in a Verizon Center closet in a location that had limited access.”


The Wizards, who are masters of subplots and storylines, have faced scrutiny in several facets of their organization, from the intelligence of their GM to the legitimacy of their best player. Hopefully, the integrity of the owner doesn’t join that list.

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