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Trade Deadline: What’s Next for D.C.?

As the NBA trading season came to a close, most Wizards fans are pleased with the moves Ernie made. Unloading the big (and useless) contracts by ridding himself of Andrew Nicholson and Marcus Thorton, in exchange for a proven three point marksman in Bojan Bogdanovic, which should be a huge help for the Wiz bench. There are two downsides however: Washington gave up a lottery-protected first round pick in the upcoming draft; and acquired another big man who probably will not see any court time. So where do we go from here? Should the Wizards stay pat and move on, or try and further upgrade their bench?

Standing pat isn’t a terrible idea, but there are better options. Trey Burke is not the complete end of the world, whether you want to believe that or not. While he is only averaging five points and two assists a night, he has shown sparks of productivity. Burke put up 27 against Brooklyn, and 18 in a big game against the Celtics. So is two good games enough? No. But it shows potential. One of his biggest issues is turnovers. That issue goes away when he allows Satoransky to handle the ball. The problem is, he doesn’t do that very often. So in short, Burke is not bad. Just let Sato handle the ball please!

Option number one: Sign a free agent. If Ernie can come in the clutch and pick up a reliable point guard to back up Wall, the Wizards would be a complete menace in the East. That would allow for a more fluid rotation, and possibly take some minutes off of the starters stat lines. Less minutes now would pay off exponentially in the playoffs.

First player that comes to mind is Deron Williams. Recently bought out by the Mavs, Williams would be invaluable. He is a proven starter in the league, I mean he was an all-star. Now that was a while ago, but coming off the bench D-Will would no doubt provide valuable minutes. Only problem here? Cleveland is in the hunt as well. Because the “best player in the world” (Lebron James) needs an all-star studded team to win because he’s getting old. But he will be he still has a lot left in the tank according to himself. (If you can’t tell I am not a big Lebron fan, he contradicts his own statements).

Option two: Nate Robinson (shoutout to Abdullah for the idea):

This did not even occur to me, but could be an incredible pickup for the Wiz. Nate Robinson is yet another proven starter, and an incredible backup in the NBA. Now that being said, he has been out for a while and could be out of NBA shape. Robinson is a hard worker and will definitely find his game, especially with the help of Scott Brooks. Will this happen? Probably not, but let’s hope somebody important sees this and it sparks an idea in their mind. Robinson is an aggressive speedy guard and I personally would love to see him in the red, white, and blue. #HOLDAT.

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