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Top Wizards Plays of the Week (11/7– 11/14): Nene’s Dirk-step; Butler cashing in; OttoP in 6 seconds

Every Friday at Hoop District we like to refresh our readers with a little basketball allure by presenting a top 5 list of the best Wizards action from the week. Be it a John Wall slash to the rim, a clutch jumper by The Truth, #OttoGlasses, or The Machine and Nene dominating the paint, our Vine lens is sure to catch it, and we’ll be sure to show it.

John Wall goes lefty.

John Wall speed generally kills. John Wall speed on dribble penetration against a mismatched defender in Patrick Patterson, well, that’s basically burying yourself alive. Which eventually kills. Then there’s the artsy mannerism, via non-shooting hand, in which John teardrops this bucket. I’m totally verbalizing now. Wall blew by Patterson so quick, then agilely scoop and finger-rolled the ball over the mistimed reaching arm of Kyle Lowry and into the basket. Two points.

Dirk-step, anyone?

The touch of Nene (which also can be referenced as #NeneHands), so neat, so natural. Deceptively fierce. His prowess in the paint comprised of so many skills and attributes: passing, jamming, drawing uncalled contact. Also bitching. Whining. His presence in the high-post is a creator of opportunities. And as a low-post entity, Nene may subject us to anything, like sizing up his defender, then executing a perfect one-leg hop and kissing the ball off the glass. These were two of Nene’s 15 first quarter points against the Pacers.

Wall -> Gortat -> Butler.

Ahh, the glory of supporting casts. No one in this league, and I mean NO ONE, understands that better than Jonathan Hildred. And the establishment of a good supporting cast for a running team like the Wizards led by a runner like John Wall is what’s most imperative for this team to succeed. Having teammates who know their role and position makes the game so elementary for Wall, which makes the game so unfair for the opposition. On this transition play against Detroit, Gortat, already down court, takes in Wall’s outlet pass and unselfishly kicks it out to Butler, who is already standing in the corner.

6 Otto Points in 6 Otto Seconds

Seeping through the ferment and chaos of an unraveling Raptors blowout, Otto Porter unconcernedly knocks down three jump shots in a span of three minutes. It didn’t do much to suppress the onslaught that particular night, but it does remind us of how well Otto is developing into a play maker coming off the bench. Aside from the few quiet nights he’s had this season, Otto has often presented himself in a serviceable manner just about every time he’s checked into a game.


More from Toronto. The Wizards rode a 10-0 run in the 3rd to cut a 28 point lead into the teens (we were cised). That run was capped off by a play that’s become a true staple in this Wizards offense :interior passing by the bigs. We discussed #NeneHands a few scrolls up and here it is again. Just all out magnificence here by Nene. The pump fake to get past a biting Valuncianas, and then getting the ball to Gortat through what seemed to be impenetrable space in between Terrence Ross and Patrick Paterson.

Rasual Butler, earning money the easy way

John Wall ain’t offering no pyramid scheme to get dudes paid. He’s actually kinda like Omar Suarez in ‘Scarface’ when he was explaining to Tony and Manolo his scheme for them to earn an easy five grand by robbing some Colombians. Only John Wall isn’t setting you up to get offed. He’s really going to get you paid and it’s all quite simple: stand in a corner, wait for my pass, knock down the shot. Webster did it. Ariza did it. And now Rasual Butler is cashing in.

Play of the Week

Hey have I mentioned yet that the Wizards are a superior INTERIOR passing team? Wall and Nene are magnets for defenders and when they combine on a play like this pick and roll, there’s a high probability that a third player will get freed up, like Marcin Gortat. Wall beautifully initiates this play with a bounce pass to a rolling Nene whose drive to the basket quickly draws Gortat’s defender over, and #NeneHands reacts with soft touch, gracefully feeding Gortat the ball for an open dunk.

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