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Top Wizards Plays of the Week (10/29 – 11/6): Pierce’s inauguration; Wall’s buzzer-beater; GTFORTAT

Every Friday at Hoop District we like to refresh our readers with a little basketball allure by presenting a top 5 list of the best Wizards action from the week. Be it a John Wall slash to the rim, a clutch jumper by The Truth, #OttoGlasses, or The Machine and Nene dominating the paint, our Vine lens is sure to catch it, and we’ll be sure to show it.

We begin with Paul Pierce’s DC inauguration

– held in Miami, Florida – A vintage Paul Pierce pump fake – spin move – dribble into open space – put it up in Luol Deng’s grill bucket. Pierce took very minimal time to establish himself within the Wizards’ offensive operation. In fact, the very first points for the Wizards this season fittingly came by way of Pi3rc3.

Ooooooo kill ’em wit a J-Dub FADEAWAY.

So John Wall’s jumper has been..looking more and more prevailing. It’s been off a number of times, sometimes really off, but for the most part it has definitely improved and continues to do so. Here, though, is a shot somewhat of a rarity. The dribble penetration. Okay we’ve seen plenty of that. But the stop, followed by proper use of forearm to draw separation, AND THEN THE MOTHASUCKIN’ step back and fadeaway gliding out of the picture as the ball sinks in!? GIMME.

Johnny Franchise. Crowned (by me) as the top facilitator of the fast break.

Good defense is always a strong necessity for successful teams. Okay thanks, Hubie Brown. But when you’ve got a player who can dominate the floor via speeding with the ball in transition, good defense becomes imperatively critical in order to initiate that kind of play. Whether it’s John Wall creating a turnover or one of his teammates, get the ball to John and let him unfold plays like this behind the back dish to OttoP.

A John Wall buzzer-beating 3-pointer for your conscience.

Engage. Fire it up. Lava. John Wall’s speed control got him court, his vision picked a spot, his prayers sunk the basket. Johnny’s hit four 3’s in these first five games by the way. He’s attempted 14, which puts him on pace for a bit less than what he made and attempted last season.

A John Wall buzzer-beating 3-pointer for your conscience.

Wall’s cross-court slings have gotten mediocre shooters like Martell Webster and Trevor Ariza PAID. So what happens to a corner lounging Paul Pierce when Wall tosses the rock to him from across the court? Does he become the first player ever to be inducted into the Hall of Fame before retiring? Chew on that for a minute.

Wall to OttoP. Like clockwork. Like artwork.

You know, this best backcourt stuff and all the House of Guards hype is great. It defines Washington Wizrards futurism and gives us fans the utmost confidence that this team will be in contention for success year in and year out as long as Wall and Beal are the core. But don’t be afraid to admit that very soon we’re going to start including Otto Porter’s name in the same breath. As of now he’s a one or two sentences down. Otto beautifies Wall-led fast breaks with his length and athleticism. He knows where to be on the floor in order to be a perfect recipient of any of Wall’s passes, whether it be a corner 3, or a glide to the rim for an alley oop.


Marcin Gortat handing out souvenirs to lucky front row attendees. Actually it was more like the third row, really. And poor Jerryd Bayless, who was on the tail end of a few blocks that evening. But on this play the dude set his own self up. An awkward drive to the basket and an even more awkward attempt at a..I don’t know what that is… a scoop floater? With two centers closing in on him? The awkwardness climaxed for Jerryd when both leaped up to contest the scoop floater and Marc got the best of it.

Play of the Week

Hate to say this is so unlike John because I wish it weren’t unlike John, but it is unlike John. The hope is that very soon we won’t say it’s so unlike John. But often times rarities is what makes top plays and, well, this is why we’re here. I’ve been waiting for John Wall to start exploiting his defenders in the post for a very long time and surely it’s something he’s been telling us is in the works for a few years.

Against Shane Larkin at the Garden a few nights ago with his team up by a dozen, it was a perfect moment for Wall to test out his post skills. I’d say it was a success. A few back steps in the post. The turnaround fadeaway with Larkin’s hand in his face. Cash money. Collect all winnings at the exit and have a good night.

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