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The Top 50 Wizards Moments from 2013-14 (No. 50-46)

In an attempt to preserve the memories of what many of us (reasonable) fans consider a successful 2013-14 Wizards campaign, we’ve decided to bless you all with the top 50 moments caught on our Vine account from the regular season. From signature Cook Book dishes, to quirky #HookahStep moves, to those unforgettable ‘dash-n-splash’ sequences, we’ve got all the moving pixels you want to relive. Today, we begin with numbers 50 thru 46.


50. The vigor of John Wall.

So this seems to be a fitting way to kick off our top Vine countdown. John Wall’s game improved in so many areas this past season, mentally and physically. His court IQ defied defensive strategies, and his speed remained uncontainable, but his strength, determination, and overall resolve were critical undertones of his All-Star season. This beastly play by Wall created the first points of a 19-4 run that erased a large deficit against the Bobcats and brought the Wizards to within striking distance. Huddled by four really good Bobcat defenders and the warping length of Gerald Henderson all up in his grill, Wall put his entire home state to shame with a monster offensive rebound and strong putback. The game went into overtime and eventually the Wizards lost but without resilience like the type Wall showed all season long, the Wizards could have easily curled up early.


49. A rare contribution from Chris Singleton!

It’s probably best to get our Chris Singleton moment out of the way early. Singleton dropped career lows in games played and total minutes this season, with rare cameos on the floor at randomly opportune times (like when Nene and KS were hurt). An obvious disappointment for a former first-round pick Singleton did, however, have a few spurts of production, like this buzzer beating gem to close out the 1st quarter against the Golden State Warriors. Singleton has had a knack for the long ball, but like the rest of his game, it’s been criminally inconsistent and we shouldn’t be subjected to it.


48. John Wall takes flight into Row B and Ryan Saunders; gets possible upskirt view.

John Wall would die for this shit, yo. A skirmishing battle with Deron Williams for a loose ball resulting in Wall’s chest slamming on the ground in front of courtside spectators was kind of a tone-setter for who the Wizards were becoming as the season wore down. With playoff implications surfacing and a matchup with a potential playoff opponent, the Wizards were hard-nosed for success, and nose-first on this particular sequence. Was it all eventually worth it that night? You’re goddamn right it was. The Wizards rallied behind John Wall’s 33 points to bounce back from a 4th quarter 10-point deficit and win the game decisively.


47. Hangtime in Philly.

The team’s X-factor all year long was Trevor Booker. At this point, it’s hard to deny this guy has game just by the way he’s learning to use his physical assets. Booker is relatively small for his position and his struggles to defend more physical forwards down low is no secret, but his speed, flexibility, and big man ball-handling skills undeniably make him an asset to this team. A critical benefit Book has realized from these traits is his ability to score at the rim. Just watch him here against the Sixers. He uses his speed to blow by Sam Dalembert, elevates in between two Sixer defenders in front of the rim, controls the ball in midair and evades their swatting arms, and then tosses up an incredible reverse layup. Booker has executed these kind of moves more than once this past season, and you’ll probably see it again in this countdown at some point.


46. Moses Wall splits the Brooklyn D.

“Oh hi Deron. So you want to ‘ICE’ my screener and make me run into your big? How about I make it easier for all of us and just go through the both of ya’z”. Focal point: Miles Plumlee looking like the town fool after Wall speeds by him to the rim.

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