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The Top 50 Wizards Moments from 2013-14 (No. 45-41)

As we continue to count down the top 50 Wizards plays of last season, I couldn’t help but think that some of these Vines should’ve been much higher on the list. They feature everything. We have a John Wall being John Wall, Bradley Beal being phenomenal and to top it all off, it even features a LeBitch James moment. You know what I’m talking about, that thing he does where he literally can not believe that someone told him he did something wrong? Without further adieu, let’s resume the countdown with numbers 45 thru 41..

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45. Trevor Ariza doing Trevor Ariza things.

With the shot clock winding down and Martell Webster being forced to take a very low percentage shot, it seemed like the Wizards were well on their way to wasting a possession late in the first quarter against a young and talented Pelicans team. No worries Wizards fans, Lord Ariza is here to save this very Eric Maynor-like possession. These were the type of plays that really defined Trevor Ariza’s role on this team all year. Yes, he could knock down the long range 3 as evidenced by his career high percentage and he was always known as a stout defensive player, but he managed to always do the little things that played a huge outcome in games. Hustling to the ball, getting open and never giving up on the play helped this Wizards team win games this season, especially on the road, as evidence of this game game early in the year against the Pelicans.


44. #BigPandaSwats

Bradley Beal unleashes his inner John Wall, chases down Kyle Lowry as he waltzes in (so he thinks) for an easy lay up after stealing the ball, and blocks the shot into the first row. Lowry is left dazed and confused and channels his inner Lebron James. He throws his hands up, begs for a goaltending call when it was evident that there was none, and proceeds to blame the officials for him being a moron and not looking behind him to see if someone was chasing him down. Beal seemingly comes out of no where to appear on the right side of your screen to embarrass Lowry.


43. John Wall’s acceleration >>>

I love this play for so many reasons. For starters, look at John’s position on the court. He purposely lays off his man to have Nash think he’s covering the perimeter. Nash then anticipates the big man cutting to the basket and John is there waiting for the ball and transitions the other way. The Lakers then do what the Lakers did all year: give up on the play. John uses his hesitation, accelerates to the basket, scores with the left hand and gets the foul on top of it. Butter. The best thing about it was that Nick Young had an up close and personal view of it from directly under John Wall’s crotch.


42. John Wall’s hesitation move makes the Warriors look foolish.

This play is great and comical at the exact same time. John Wall uses his speed to accelerate to his left and as he cuts towards the basket, the Warriors forget about Gortat cutting to the basket and John finds him for an easy dunk and puts the Wizards up early. Not to take anything away from the great court vision by Wall on this play or the presence of mind of Gortat to cut to the basket realizing that John had drawn the double team, but let’s all pay attention to David Lee for a minute and praise him for the excellent screen he sets on Steph Curry as Curry attempts to chase John Wall. This would make for a textbook coaching video if they both didn’t happen to play on the same team –> all thanks to Wall’s destructive hesitation move. #SoWarriors


41. Martell Webster: 4-point play GAWD.

Honestly, this play could be a lot higher on the list, but for all intensive purposes, I put this as high as I could for this post. With the shot clock winding down and Webster with the ball. He pump fakes a shot and gets Lebron in the air. James then falls on Webster’s right side which pushes him completely off the court and naturally, Mart4ll completes the 4-point play. A couple things to take notice of here on this play: For starters, Lebron’s over the top denial of him doing anything because that’s always comical. Ray Allen seemingly running off the court to take a smoke break or something as it seemed like he was in a hurry and last but not least, Al Harrington reminding Lebron James that the basket went in in case James’ was too busy worrying about why any referee would dare call him for any foul at any point in the game. Sorry Bron Bron, that’s a foul, despite what your Samsung App may tell you.

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