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The Top 50 Wizards Moments from 2013-14 (No. 40-36)

Continuing the countdown of the best Wizards moments from the 2013-14 season (at least the ones we caught), we offer you a few cameos from then-Wizards who are now #ExWizards; another unexpected page out of the Cook Book; and some Wall-Wittman bromance. Numbers 40 through 36.

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40. #Airwolf, forever.

From the heralded draft night moment of exchanging mouth fluids with his lady on national TV to falling into the pits of underachievement, the Honza epoch in DC was quite the forgettable one, and also memorable at the same time. While Jan Vesely never quite discovered his ground playing in an American basketball league, he did keep us interested from time to time with elusive plays like this pick-6 against the Bobcats. Vesely wasn’t known much for his ball-handling in the open floor but he sure could run the court as well as any “big” and he sure could finish. Sadly for Wizards fans, it was all just a disgruntling tease and another chalk up on the Grunfail board. Next.


39. Atta boy, Witt.

One factor that has solidified Randy Wittman’s position as head coach during this current Wizards movement is the approval and praise of his leader. And this cute moment expressed some of that regard John Wall holds for Witt after the Wizards decisively defeated the Lakers in Hollywood and Wall gave his coach a little congratulatory headrub. The exchange was fitting after the Wizards fended off a Lakers comeback attempt and kept their poise following a skirmish that unfolded between Drew Gooden and Swaggy P and ended between Marcin Gortat and Jordan Hill.


38. The underestimated flexibility of Trevor Booker.

For those of you fans who remember this game will, you recall that as clutch as this play by John Wall and Trevor Booker was, it wasn’t enough to seal the deal for the Wizards. Moments after this play, Al Horford would buzzkill what seemed to be a dramatic finish with a buzzer beating midrange to help the Hawks evade overtime and win the game. But yo, not before Book drops this gem over Horford, fed beautifully by a driving John Wall. Per ushe (I think that’s how you spell it), Wall attracted three defenders over to him as he attacked the rim, allowing Booker to get an initial clean look at the rim after he dumped it off to him. Despite Horford’s recovery to gain decent position and contest Booker’s attempt, Booker still adjusts in midair for a reverse layup to tie the game. Like we saw earlier in our countdown with a similar move against the Sixers, it’s often surprising to see Booker display so much flexibility considering his hefty frame.


37. Forever lonely.

Even in his limited time in DC, there was enough comicial/depressing/forgettable/head-scratching Eric Maynor sequences to create a top 50 of his own. Now of course we won’t wrench your heart with that, nor will we offer you any more #MaynorTime moments beyond this one, but here in this slot of our countdown, we’re going to make you chuckle at a captured moment that speaks volumes about the tenure Maynor spent with the Wizards.


36. A prayer for Trevor.

Everything is just so Trevor Ariza about this play. A Trevor Ariza ball handle led to Trevor Ariza getting trapped. Time winding on the shot clock and a desperate Trevor Ariza chucks up a prayer which sinks in for a Trevor Ariza buzzer beater. And at the end of it all, it’s just Trevor Ariza ‘doin what he s’posed to do’.

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