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The Top 50 Wizards Moments from 2013-14 (No. 35-31)

Let’s get right to it because there is a lot of comedy in these Vines. Not just by defenders who seemingly have had their X-box controllers disconnected during the play, but also by fan reactions. Some of these could be great Hoop District meme material.

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35. The Cook Book Express


This is a great pass by a guy who’s more known for his low post game and defense in Trevor Booker and an excellent finish by the “dunker of the night” (aka the worst title in the history of the All-Star Game). Forget the execution of the fast break and the amazing finish, let’s just look at this fans face when she realizes that John Wall is about to put one of her favorite players on a $10.99 poster that she will buy the next day at her local Toys-R-Us.


34. An Ex-Wizard vs. New Wizard Battle Royale

It didn’t take long for Drew Gooden to become a fan favorite here in D.C. His amazing effort off the bench combined with his intensity on the court really gave the Wizards and their fans a huge boost. Look no further than in Game 4 of the Indiana series where the entire second unit basically fed off Gooden’s energy off the bench. #TBT Wizards fans especially liked him when he added insult to injury and tried to take of Nick Young’s arm. Without the use of his arm, Nick Young would be forced to throw his alley-oops to god with his other hand.


33. The art of continuation

We’ve seen John Wall makes this play dozens of time throughout his career. When it seems like there’s no option and the best thing to do is pull up and wait for the rest of your team to join the rush, John accelerates to another gear, blow by three defenders, scores the field goal and gets an and-1. This is the definition of John’s play. After you’ve seen this play a couple times and appreciate it, let’s all take notice of Kyle Lowry jumping in the air, defending nobody and looking for someone to blame. Note to Lowry’s free agent: Don’t put this on the “Kyle Lowry will take pay cut to play for Miami Heat” highlight reel.


32. Otto Prayer

Otto Porter didn’t get much playing time this season. Attribute it to whatever you want. Slow start, injuries, no room on the court, etc. But he did show us the ability to shoot the ball from distance and play decent defense on the court when the game wasn’t on the line. Wizards fans are hoping that this can translate dividends next season when he most certainly is assumed to get more playing time. Especially if Trevor Ariza chooses not to resign with the team. With the Wizards down by 17 and Andre Miller deciding to take a nap at the top of the key, Otto Porter does his best Bradley Beal impression and puts up a 3-pointer just as the shot clock expires. Hopefully, we can see more of that and less napping next season.


31. Martell salsa twists with Gerald Henderson.

The best part of this play wasn’t the execution, it’s the fact that this was one of the few highlight-worthy plays of Martell Webster’s season. Andre Miller with a beautiful outlet pass to Webster for the nice finish. It was so nice that even Al Jefferson stopped at the free throw line to say to him self “Did this dude Martell just really embarrass us?” Yes. Mr. Jefferson, he did.

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