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The Top 50 Wizards Moments from 2013-14 (No. 30-26)

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30. Clyde? MJ? Oh, Bradley Beal!

Dat wingspan. In this clip, Bradley Beal transforms back into a backyard roll-out court superstar, effortlessly gliding past the Jazz defender, under the rim, and to the other side, kissing a perfectly executed reverse layup off the middle of the glass.

This is like the God Mode you used to unleash on your friends when someone lugged their Spalding hoop out into the driveway. Before they could put the sand bags on the base, you were already trying to dunk. And you’d end up going like 24-27 from the field that day, with 12 dunks, 14 cars hit, and at least one fallaway shot where you screamed “AND 1!” while you were falling into your boy’s mom’s Bradford Pear tree.

That’s Beal here. He looked unstoppable.


29. Lord Athreeza. Exalt him.

The Book of Eric Snow (Old Testament) – Book of Rebuilding, Chapter 1, Verses 10 – 11 state:

“10 During thine years of rebuilding, when the clay is broken, and leather in thine seats is fresh and unbroken, let opponents thrash you for eighty and two games.

11 Oh Lord, give them increase. Give them strength and power.”

Trevor Ariza had some incredible shooting performances this past season and this night was no exception. Props to Wall and Gortat fanning him like the true pharaoh that he is.


28. The Dismemberment of Jeremy Evans, written by Dr. Al Harrington.

Remember that one guy who played pick-up ball with you, who was exceptionally athletic, but really didn’t have any skills? That’ how Jeremy Evans looks here. His reckless overcommitting to Al had him all over the place, looking like he was playing in a pair of Stacey Adams loafers.

And Old Man Al, for as flashy as he looked on this play, was 85% out of control. That behind the back dribble (Andray, eat your heart out) and short lob pass to Drew Gooden somehow came together perfectly. The entire sequence is essentially the shaky tower of Jenga blocks before someone sent the place crashing down.


27. Big moves for #BigPanda.

So Brad Beal is pretty good. And he’s getting better, which should put the East on notice since Brad is barely old enough to make his own bowl of cereal in the morning.

Here, Brad shows us a little of his developing ISO game, as he takes a really good Damian Lillard off the dribble, knifes through the lane, and closes at the rim over another Blazers defender.

Oh, and look, it’s Mo Williams. That guy could wear a neon yellow hazmat suit, but in my eyes, it’d still look like an old Cavs uniform. Your headband and “felon awaiting trial” beard are still wack.


26. Crosscourt madness.

It’s not often that you catch Shane Battier — perhaps the NBA’s last remaining “egg head” — completely lost on a play. Here, Norris Cole and his Allen West box haircut, along with Birdman attempt to double John Wall in the corner and cut off his pass. Battier sees a parallelogram forming and paces 2.576 hectometers toward the activity.

And then, “Egads!”

Dropping his graphing calculator and compass in tandem, Battier sees a tenured professor in the far corner erasing his notes from the board! It’s Dr. Harrington, slowly pulling up from the corner.

But alas, Battier is too late. Even with a valiant effort to transverse the court, he can only catch the view of Dr. Harrington’s velvet elbow from his tweed blazer as the shot heads toward the basket.

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