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The Top 50 Wizards Moments from 2013-14 (No. 20-16)

We’re down to the top 20 Wizards Vinelights of the year and we’ve saved the best (and funniest) for last. Numbers 16 thru 20, ladies and gentlemen.

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20. Kyle O’Quinn’s tarnished ligaments.

Let’s start with the funniest and it comes at Kyle O’Quinn’s expense. What’s that? You’ve never heard of Kyle O’Quinn? Speak up. Did you just say that you’ve never heard of him? Funny you say that because neither had John Wall until he embarrassed him on this drive. Now, Kyle is forever synonymous with 2 things: 1) John Wall embarrassing him, and 2) ankles that have been cemented in the upper left part of the 3-point line of Amway Center.

Here’s a complementary meme:



19. #OttoOop

Otto Porter hasn’t had many highlights all year. In fact, I’m willing to bet that every highlight he had this season was somewhere on this top 50 list. Coming in at #19 is the Wizards’ rookie forward throwing down a massive alley-oop against the Orlando Magic. While the finish is awesome in it’s own right, the play defines the Wizards style of basketball. Quick transition points that starts with the point guard. In this case, Andre Miller with the beautiful feed and Porter’s fresh legs provided the finish. Great play all around. Unless, of course, you’re Victor Oladipo and you’re trying to defend an invisible man.

Here’s Oladipo’s frozen defense, freeze-framed.



18. Martell Webster will destroy your hand-check.

There are few things in this world that I’ve seen that get Martell Webster annoyed or upset. One of them is Lance Stephenson having too much fun with his hand near Webster’s rear. Martell wasn’t having fun but Lance Stephenson perfected about half of “The Wobble”.



17. #RiceFace

John Wall makes a heck of a move and drives to the basket. He puts the ball up, gets the superstar bounce and gets the “and 1.” But that whole play was only the 3rd best part of this entire vine. Coming in at a close 2nd is the reaction of the Pelicans equipment staff sitting on the ground next to Glen Rice and then of course, Rice’s reaction is the best. The Swaggy P look alike sitting on the ground doesn’t seem too impressed with Wall’s finish for obvious reasons, which is fine. But how do you not notice or react to Rice’s face?


16. Trevor Ariza willin’ it.

This is awesome. Trevor Ariza basically goes through 3/5 of the Utah line up, completely omits the fact that he has a future 12 million dollar center wide open five feet away from the basket and decides to throw a low percentage shot up. Why? Because #HookahStep, that’s why. At one point, Gortat even puts his hands out to expect the pass because he can’t imagine Ariza not passing to him off the screen.

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