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The Top 50 Wizards Moments from 2013-14 (No. 15-11)

The countdown continues from the Wizards’ monumental 2013-2014 season as we draw ever-so-closely to the number one Vine. For numbers 15 through 11, we present to you Vines from every aspect of this team. You get to see some AARP highlights, some crafty dribbling and a new John Wall special ability.

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15. So crafty.

The signing of Andre Miller brought about some shrugs and disinterest from many Wizards fans but by the time the playoffs were over, nearly all of #WizardsTwitter was lobbying for a resign. For an old guy (in basketball years, of course), Miller’s strength related to his size is unbelievable. He showed this off in his post moves all the time, but it perhaps is even more impressive as Miller hangs in the air after contact to bank in the bucket during this matchup with the Hawks back on March 29.


14. A #HookahStep frenzy.

I’ve watched this Vine about 500 times and I still don’t understand how Ariza managed to get this ball all the way down the court. He isn’t the worst ball-handler in the world (although he can be), but something about this play looked very JaVale McGee-ish in the way he drove down the court. But Ariza, who was full of surprises all season, manages to somehow get this shot off before the end of the half over two defenders. This certainly isn’t the play that made him as valuable as he is right now in Free Agency, but I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more of this.


13. GOR-SWAT!!

This is the Wizards’ defense all season summarized in one Vine: pesky, powerful and problematic. The Gortat swap to force a shot-clock violation shows how focused this team had been all year on the defensive end and it shows why Gortat just got that massive extended paycheck from Washington.


12. The Wizards officially filing for AARP

The first Drew Gooden bucket of the season: it was a relief to all. The big man showed a little bit of range on his first bucket as a Washington Wizard and would continue to show it all the way through the playoffs. Let’s not overlook the nifty Al Harrington dish, as well, making it look like 2006 up in this b*tch.


11. John Wall: the chase-down block prototype.

An airborne John Wall scares the hell out of me, but this is the only type of airborne I’m okay with. In fact, I’m a lot more than okay with it. Taking a page out of Lebron James’s book, John Wall seemed to perfect the chase-down block as he demonstrates in this game on March 16. Do yourself a favor and look at how far he propels himself forward on that jump to chase that ball. Sheesh.

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