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Throwback Thursday: A Birthed Curry Vs. A Cursed Gilly


(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

From December 18, 2009 in Oakland, California

The dichotomy of this image is boundless. A novice Steph Curry looking like an adolescent preteen on the verge of getting frustrated and leaving, taking his ball with him. A rookie embarking on what has – so far – become very successful career. A future NBA champion.

Then there’s Gilbert Arenas. Sadly, this would be one of the last favorable moments in a career severed way too soon. In the next few hours after this shot, Gilly will have quarreled with teammate Javaris Crittenton over a card game. In five days from this moment, guns would be drawn in the locker room. And in the two weeks following Crit and Gil’s so-called game of Russian Roulette, Gilbert will have played his final game of the season before serving a suspension.

Gilbert’s stat line in this game is peak sadness: 45 points and 13 assists.

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