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It’s All Bad For The Washington Wizards

Man. It’s all bad. No, really. It is ALLLL bad.

It’s been all bad all along, for quite some time, but it’s finally spiraled down to this..this complete fraying of the Wizards franchise and botching what possibly might had been their last realistic chance at making the postseason with their loss to the dysfunctional Sacramento Kings.

And to pile shit over mud, Bradley Beal made things even messier in the locker room when he aired out his teammates after the game, questioning their will and effort:

“We don’t have any sense of urgency, To me, it felt like we just gave up. If guys don’t want to play, they need to sit down. We just do dumb mental lapses and just mess up the game, and it ends up hurting us in the long run. Everybody’s a grown-ass man, either you want to play, or you don’t.”

We put up a poll for #WizardsTwitter this morning asking our followers to judge Beal’s postgame comments. However, the biggest vote was cast in from our own good friend, and your Wizards center, Marcin Gortat (he deleted his tweet but the Internet is forever):


*Wow-face emoji*

Now, much to the contrary of some of my peers, I’m not totally hateful of Beal airing out his teammates. Let me tell you why. For one, it’s totally fitting that the one guy who missed a third of the season is the guy who questions the will and effort of his teammates. It just wouldn’t be #SoWizards otherwise. In slight, minimal defense of Beal, his emotions were raw. He had big plans this season for himself and for the team and they all got f’d up because of the various injuries he suffered, and other things. And now his team is on the brink of elimination after losing to the lowly Kings. You might not agree with his decision to sound off on his teammates in front of the cameras, but you might at least understand his frustration.

Still, the glaring question remains who exactly was Beal calling out? Was it Markieff Morris for his laziness during most parts of the game and especially in the 2nd quarter? Was it Gortat for getting owned by Demarcus Cousins right from the opening jump? Was it John Wall and his 2-for-11 shooting in the second half? Furthermore, what allowed Bradley Beal to feel it was okay to indict his teammates on charges of laziness and lack of effort when he’s the guy who missed over 25% of the season due to that annoyingly repetitive leg injury? That certainly isn’t to blame Beal for getting injured (as frustrating as it’s become), but it is suggesting that maybe if you haven’t put up with the bullsh*t all season like the rest of the teammates you just called out, you should probably fall back from scolding them publicly.

At this stage, a shot at a playoff berth is all but a cloud of smoke for the Wizards as the late-season losses of “must-win” games continue to mount up. An whether you agree with what Beal said or you don’t, the fiasco that’s been drawn out by him and Gortat is the icing on all that’s been wrong with the Wizards this season.

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