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The Red Line Podcast, Episode 2: Wizards Get No National Love; Why KD Won’t Be Playing For Your City

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It’s crazy how times change in sports, and especially crazy when it comes to sports in the Nation’s Capital. Four or five years ago, our summer as Wizards fans would begin in demoralizing fashion: a losing record and the consequent anticipation for the draft lottery.

Thankfully, the tide has peacefully turned for the Wizards over the course of the past few years. This summer and last, instead looking forward to the luck of a few lottery balls, our anticipation has been geared to a different type of league announcement. It’s no longer about what lottery position the Wizards will be landing with false hopes of developing some raw 19 year old (although we still grabbed one of those anyway in this year’s draft), but instead, it’s about how many games we get to show off our new and improved Wizards to the national fan base.

After earning a whopping 10 national TV games last year, dejection resettled in our hearts when we learned that the Wizards would only be playing in half the amount of nationally televised games this season. Only five games? FIVE games!? To the Knicks and Celtics’ seven? Did the schedule makers come across Phil Pressey’s first half Wizard-killing highlights from last January and decide his shitty team was worth more of a viewing experiencethan the team with two consecutive second-round playoff appearances and an All-Star starter at the point guard position? Where’s the respect??

Our discussion about this madness leads off a very entertaining second episode of The Red Line podcast.

Here’s what else is in store:

Segment 1: The NBA schedule release, the Wizards’ identity, and Randy Wittman.

  • HOW in the world did the Wizards only earn five national TV games? Did Paul Pierce mean that much?
  • What is the theme for the Wizards this season? How important of a year is it for the #HouseOfGuards?
  • The state of #WittmanFace. Is he the long-long-term solution as the head coach?

Segment 2: The new practice facility; why KD won’t play for your city.

  • The construction of a new state-of-the-art practice facility for the Wizards is soon to be in the works with a location to be determined.
  • We draw a random NBA city out of a hat and tell you all the reasons why Kevin Durant WON’T be choosing to play there. There is scorching heat brought in this segment and it’s pretty mean if you hail from the chosen city. Hilarious otherwise. Listener discretion is advised.

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