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The Red Line Podcast, Episode 1: The Premiere

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It is finally here. Hoop District’s finest contingents gathered together to offer you audio blessings and sound bite serenity with the premiere episode of our podcast, The Red Line.
Why The Red Line? A number of reasons. For one, our team had initially settled on “The District” as the name of the podcast and had even began promoting it as such until we realized that Hog’s Haven, SB Nation‘s Redskins site, had already been running a podcast using that name. Two sports podcasts that had strictly a local audience sharing the same name? No bueno. So, whatever. You win SB Nation.

Ok, so WHY THE RED LINE!? Because it hits the team and city connections concisely. The ‘red’ line on the DC metro system runs right through the Verizon Center. It’s also a name that’s easy to share and market, and you won’t forget a name as straightfoward as “The Red Line”, nor the excellent content it will provide.

The podcast will primarily be comprised of Jamal A. Smith, Zain Zaidi, Abdullah Sharif, and hosted by Joe Glorioso. Four characters that not only seek to share their opinions and analysis on Wizards basketball, but seeking to bring it to you in the utmost entertaining and comedic manner. Think of it as a basement/mancave setting with a few sports fans (who can be straight clowns) sitting around and chopping it up over a few bottles of brew. The structure of the program combined with the personalities of our four guys will allow the show to navigate into any number of non-basketball related topics, although the focus of the show will of course be on the Washington Wizards.

Here’s how we popped our podcast cherry:

Segment 1: The playoffs, the offseason, the future.

  • The Wizards’ heartbreaking playoff loss
  • The departure of Paul Pierce; his replacements in free agency.
  • Kelly Oubre

Guest Caller: Glenn Consor

What better way to open up our exciting new endeavor than being joined by the Wizards radio commentator and one half of the #RadioParty. Glenn chats about the young guys on the squad and what it takes for them to become successful. He also discusses his history with DC and the affection he found for the city after being raised in New York.

Segment 2: Outside the District

  • Discussing the increased salary cap and the enormous contracts that it rendered.
  • John Wall namedropping Reggie Jackson.
  • Gilbert’s wild carnival antics and his comments on LeBron, Kobe, and MJ.

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