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The Morning Wiz: Why John Wall Is Your Favorite Point Guard’s Favorite Point Guard

Season number six is here for John Wall – a former scrawny 20 year old who became the number one overall pick in his draft and was inevitably anointed as the to-be-savior of a reeling Washington franchise. Of course, you all know the story of John bobbing and weaving his way through tumultuous beginnings before becoming a two-time All-Star and, guess what…inevitably becoming that savior of the reeling Washington franchise.

Now here we are, 300 some odd games removed from the past wickedness of John’s early career, where the post-Arenas culture has been eradicated and we are witnessing our point gawd and savior dominate gymnasiums on a nightly basis. Wall’s prolonged career trajectory in both on and off-the-court phases has been moving in no direction but up and, lately, he’s just been saying and doing all the right things.

A rap tune comes to mind. One in particular by Young Jeezy, a once esteemed rapper who dropped this bar in “Standing Ovation”:

Now I’m ya favorite rapper’s favorite rapper
Now I’m ya favorite trapper’s favorite trapper

A compelling piece of music indeed. A lyric that, last March, gave me a clever idea for describing John Wall in an in-game tweet:

It just sounds so right. And how exactly is John Wall your favorite point guard’s favorite point guard? I hope you’d ask. So check it.

Your favorite point guard wishes he had befriended an adorable little girl suffering from cancer, made the final few months of her life the happiest ever, and then continued to carry on her spirit after she left us for Heaven.


Little 5 year old, cancer-diagnosed Miyah’s wish to meet Nicki Minaj and wear a pink wig was wholeheartedly granted by Wall. After successfully lobbying Nicki to come out for Miyah, Wall remained in a close relationship with her and the family, even after Miyah lost her battle.

We all remember passing the Kleenex box during this post-game interview:

At the Wizards’ open practice on Monday, Wall laced up a pair of ‘cancer awareness’ kicks in honor of Miyah. After practice last week, Wall spoke about his unwillingness to ever let go of her memory.

From Dan Steinberg’s post:

“When you care for somebody and the bond just hits, you can’t really control it. I didn’t want it to be like ‘All right, she’s gone, I don’t want to deal with this family [anymore],’ because it was bigger than that. I wanted to still be a part of that family.”

Your favorite point guard can only wish his heart was this pure.

Your favorite point guard has a weakness for his favorite point guard’s leadership instincts.

john wall

John Wall can be a smooth talker. But that quote right there is just all types of BOSS. If there’s one thing I love to highlight about John Wall’s growth as a basketball player, it’s his maturity and leadership attributes which have propelled his once forsaken Wizards out of the NBA graveyard and into a new stratosphere, where the NBA Finals are no longer a mere wet dream and we can also have serious MVP conversations.

Per Jorge Castillo, John Wall is the “Man of the House”:

“My goal is to be number one. There’s a lot of great talent in this league, so it’s great to move up. Each year I move up, that means I’ve improved. And now I want to move up even more. I don’t want to be satisfied with where I’m at. I want to keep going up, and if I keep getting better, that means I’m bringing my team up with me and we can keep improving and we know what our ultimate goal is.”

Wall may come off as a guy who likes to butter himself up with words about being the best. But sometimes words may be too profound for folks who fail apply proper context (that happens A LOT in the media). When Wall does talk that stuff about himself, he’s doing so only to imply that the betterment of himself as an individual means the betterment of the team as a whole. And he’s totally not wrong about that.

Let’s be honest. Your favorite point guard wishes he could bust moves like this:





Your favorite point guard was enchanted by his favorite point guard’s 360 spin layups. Two of them in as many games.

The city your favorite point guard plays for wishes he was John Wall, so that he could surprise them with a half a million dollar donation to homeless children.

Some shitty people in the media will tell you that John Wall grew up in a rough neighborhood and in a fatherless home, therefore will never amount to a mature and respectable basketball player, or even human being for that matter.

His actions will tell you otherwise. Again from my man Jorge Castillo, Wall says:

“God gave me the ability and the talent to play basketball and do something I love. But I think it’s more important and bigger to give back to the community and do certain things and show people that you care, that you’re not just a Hollywood person that doesn’t care about other people’s lives, the less fortunate, because I was in that situation before.”

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