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The Morning Wiz: Remembering Flip Through His Amazing Twitter Account

It’s been just two days since the tragic passing of Flip Saunders. His death was blindsiding, leaving anyone who had ever encountered him, covered him, or played for him stunned and staggered as they painfully searched for ways to reflect on the insurmountable loss. As painful as it may had been, former players and colleagues – notably John Wall, Andray Blatche, and Kevin Garnett – took to Twitter and other social media accounts on Sunday to remember Flip.

Former players, colleagues remember Flip Saunders

But just as Twitter gave us all a platform to mourn and reflect on the loss of Flip, it also allows us to patch up some of the grief by revisiting some of his own (amazing) posts on Twitter.

Flip got hip to the social media game back in 2012 and right off the bat was a gem. Though he only tweeted 697 times, his tweets were concise, sometimes funny, many times inspiring, usually accurate, often deserving a *fire emoji*, and all of the time straight from the heart.

So, on this fine Tuesday morning, let us celebrate the great man Flip was through some hand-picked, truly character-defining tweets.

Rest in Paradise, Flip.

His appreciation for his supporters

His bromance with Kevin Love

Flip be tweeting that gospel!

Flip Saunders: basketball philosopher.

Flip Saunders: basketball storyteller.

Flip Saunders: basketball comedian.

Buh Dum Tss!

At times, Flip was simply another dad struggling on social media.

Glad this airline issue worked out for Flip but kinda wish it hadn’t..just for the potential tweets.

FOT!! (Family over Twitter)

Gotta love a man who loved Frank Underwood.

Believed in analytics the same way I do.

Points out faults of others..and of his own.

(Side note: 50+ aged folks who ‘lol’ are fucking awesome)

Loved Chris Singleton (?)

..And Trevor Booker.

Not so sure if he loved Kevin “Saraphin” tho..

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