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THE Moment: Why The Wizards Have The Best Crowd in America


With every great team, every game is more than a game. The crowd. The atmosphere. The energy. The intensity. The better you get, the greater the moment. And when you start to reach that summit of greatness, every game begins to have THE moment. The crescendo.

You can’t always predict it, but you can feel it. The stadium begins to buzz. The crowd rises. The noise peaks. The moment arrives.

With Jordan’s Bulls, it might be after a nasty Jordan Dunk, a “Spectacular move,” another playoff dagger, or every time he visited Madison Square Garden. With Duncan’s Spurs, it builds with gorgeous passing sequences creating an unbroken chain of basket after basket after basket, until the inevitable opponent timeout. Earlier this season in Golden State, it was simply seeing Klay Thompson drop 37 in ONE QUARTER, something no one had ever seen before.

For the great teams and great venues, like the United Center in the 90s, the Staples Center in the 2000s, or Oracle Arena today, every game has THE moment. The Verizon Center has become one of those venues. 41 nights a year (plus playoffs), THE moment arrives. The buzz builds. The crowd rises as one. The noise peaks.

“Free Chik-Fil-A Sandwich with Two Misses!!”

The crescendo arrives every night, brought to you not by John Wall or Bradley Beal, but by superstar American Dan T. Cathy. And that’s OK.

We are not Chicago, or New York, or Boston, or LA. We are Washington, DC. Washington, DC! We don’t just represent our city, we represent America! And the only thing American’s love more than our sports teams is our fast food. And FREE Fast food?! Turn down for what!

But c’mon Wizards fans. If we truly care about that sandwich, we can do more. You wouldn’t just go to the polls and vote for candidates or bills without educating yourself first would you? Of course you wouldn’t!

So educate yourself. Here, look at the Wizards current first round opponents, some of their potential future playoff opponents, and their worst free throw shooters that play significant 4th quarter minutes.

Toronto Raptors – Team FT: 78.7%

  • Amir Johnson FT: 61%
  • James Johnson FT: 66%
  • Tyler Hansbrough FT: 70%
  • Greivis Vasquez FT: 76%

Atlanta Hawks – Team FT: 77.8%

  • Kent Bazemore FT: 60%
  • DeMarre Carroll FT: 62%
  • Pero Antic FT: 72%

Brooklyn Nets – Team FT: 74.8%

  • Mason Plumlee FT: 50%
  • Thadeus Young FT: 66%
  • Mirza Teletovic FT: 72%

Chicago Bulls – Team FT: 78.3%

  • E’Twaun Moore FT: 60%
  • Joakim Noah FT: 62%
  • Kirk Hinrich FT: 70%
  • Taj Gibson FT: 71%

Cleveland Cavaliers – Team FT: 75.1%

  • Tristan Thompson FT: 64%
  • Iman Shumpert FT: 67%
  • LeBron James FT: 71%
  • Timofey Mozgov FT: 72%

And here, look at the Wizards leaders in fouls committed per 36 minutes this season (who get some 4th quarter run):

  • Kevin Seraphin: 5.8 fouls per 36 min #kslife
  • Drew Gooden: 3.9 fouls per 36 min
  • Nene: 3.8 fouls per 36 min
  • Kris Humphries: 3.5 fouls per 36 min
  • Paul Pierce: 3.0 fouls per 36 min

The Fans. The greatest part of THE moment, is that the fans are a part of it. Jordan didn’t just perform for the crowd, he responded to the crowd. He sensed when the knowledgeable MSG crowd was expecting something special, and he gave them something special. The Spurs hear the crowd “ooh” and “ahh” for even the most subtle basic pass, and so the players give them more and more.


[Photo cred: TruthAboutIt.net]

So, take those numbers Wizards fans, and share them with those you care about. Let’s try to make ourselves a higher IQ, more influential fan base. That way, when the fourth quarter rolls around, we can anticipate the moment arriving. We can identify the guys who are most likely to respond, the guys who are most likely to give the crowd what they came for. And then, with the person to our left and our right, behind us and in front of us, all of us as one, can scream in unison “FOWL!! FOWL!!”

And when that whistle blows, that’s our time. That’s our moment. Stand up. Get loud. Channel our inner-American. Make our opponent feel our gluttonous passion. Because isn’t that what we came for?

This is DC!

Now where can I get me a Dan Cathy Jersey?

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