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The Best Of The Wizards From 2014-15, Vol. 1: The Dunks

Hey there Wizards fans, it’s been a minute! After watching the ups and downs of a baffling regular season and seeing this team nearly making it to the Eastern Conference Finals, its time you all deserved a little Wizards basketball in your life. I mean, lets face it, it’s June 9th and if you’re a life long D.C. sports fan like myself you’re probably at the “I hate everything about D.C. sports” stage in your life right now. I don’t think this needs any further elaboration.

If you recall, last year we did a “Top 50” Vines of the year segment which spanned across the course of a few weeks and allowed us to share our favorite moments of the year with all of you. Well, this year is a little different. We’re still going to share our top Vines with you, but they will be broken up in to different categories and won’t necessarily be ranked. This segment features our “top dunks” of the year and it includes a little bit of everything. You get to see John Wall go flying, Temple make some good passes and even some Marcin Mohawks. So with that said, lets get this party started!

Old Man Hops

One of the best things to come out of last season was the addition of Paul Pierce. After getting off to a somewhat slow start to begin the season, Pierce ended up being the leader of this team and at times, willed them to many victories. He gave us so many great moments and was personally responsible for one of the best moments I’ve ever experienced as a Wizards fan with his Game 3 buzzer-beater. If there’s anything I could wish for right now as a Wizards fan, it’s that he plays another year (or two) in D.C. and finishes his career with the Wizards and possibly even have a chance to play with Kevin Durant. 😀 😀 😀 😀

After you watch this dunk, feel free to stand up and just scream “THE TRUTH!” Also, take note of Roy Hibbert’s amazing basketball IQ as he finds himself 15 feet from the basket when the ball is in the paint. Roy Hibbert: NBA All Star.

Temple passes down the court, Wall slams.

Let’s be brutally honest. Garrett Temple is not the best basketball player in the world. However, in this exact moment, he certainly is better than Roy Hibbert. Disclaimer: I don’t think Hibbert has ran that fast ever in his entire life. Roy Hibbert: NBA All Star as voted by the fans. While the pass and dunk were both very nice, I was especially impressed by the shoulder bump at the end.

Bradley Beal clearing the paint.

Three things worth noting that make this Vine awesome:

  • It’s against the Hawks.
  • Shelvin Mack legit runs away from Bradley Beal once he gets in the paint. No, seriously. He actually RUNS AWAY from the Panda.
  • While it was a great dunk, Paul Millsap (the recipient on the other end of this freshly printed poster) later went on to claim that while the dunk was good, him and the rest of the team felt as though the dunk wasn’t “internally great.”

Nene facializes Victor Oladipo:

I’m gonna be honest here, this season really turned me away from Nene. It’s crazy to me that a guy could be so pivotal for a team last season in the playoffs like he was against the Bulls and then just disappear at times this year and was one of the big reasons they lost the Atlanta series. I guess the best way for me to describe him would be “annoying.” Yeah, that’s it. Nene just annoys the shit out of me. Take this dunk for example. Its a furious and thunderous dunk. He nearly ends Oladipo’s life, tears his jersey in half and acts like he just accomplished bigger than dunking on a second year guard who is 7 inches shorter than him. But this is what makes me annoyed by Nene. After the dunk, he stops, turns around and gives a little show to the three thousand fans that are in attendance and doesn’t get back on D. In his defense, most players do stuff like this but for whatever reason, Nene’s emotions on the court are annoying to me. Here, lets be annoyed together:

Gortat puts Blake in a coffin.

What’s better than seeing someone dunk on Blake Griffin? Seeing someone with an awesome mohawk dunk on Blake Griffin. But don’t worry Blake, You’ll always have Kia.

Beal glides past The Brow.

My goodness Bradley Beal is quick. Panda is already halfway to the basket before Jrue Holliday could even make an attempt at playing defense. The finish was great but lets just take a moment to appreciate Anthony Davis here. He literally comes out of no where and nearly bails out Jrue Holiday. *Sliding in to your DMs like…*

John Wall puts it in reverse.

Anytime I can see John Wall fly through the air and remind the NBA that he’s a Slam Dunk champ is a good time. Watch John fly by Cole Aldrich and show off his leaping ability to the Verizon Center faithful.

Nene reverse dunk.

The worst part about this dunk was that it didn’t happen in the playoffs when the Wizards really needed it. Other than that, I guess it’s alright. The flexibility, speed and awesome finish for a guy his height and size is pretty awesome. A part of me is surprised he didn’t give the nearest referee a death stare, demanding a foul and missing the subsequent free throw(s) afterwards.

The Butler obliterates Portland.

There’s so much to love about this dunk. For starters, Rasual Butler was the last guy on the roster and the fact that he can still throw down like that at his age is impressive. But forget the dunk and 2 points. Can somebody, ANYBODY tell me what the hell Dorell Wright is doing? I mean is he trying to block the shot? Draw the charge? Get out of the way?? At one point I genuinely believe he’s trying to do all three of those things at once and as a result, it really looks like one of the Space Jam MonStars took his “talent” and ran away with it to Moron Mountain. I would like to apologize to the basketball fans of Moron Mountain in advance for this newly acquired “talent”.

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