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Ten Games In And A Loss to 1-9 Sixers, Wizards Have Hit Rock Bottom

Sixers 109
Wizards 102

November 16, 2016 – Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

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THIS. Just this.

On a day where Wizards owner Ted Leonsis pleaded with his fans like he has a plethora of times before to remain patient; On a day where, as reported by Candace Buckner, the Wizards were fresh off “two great days of practice”, the Wizards rode into Philly for what seemed to be not only a night of rejuvenation and replenishment against the NBA’s worst, but with an expected win, it would also be a fitting supplement to both Ted’s plea and Candace’s report.

Or nah.

The Wizards, whose tone was set by Markieff Morris’ two fouls in 60 seconds, fell flat on their face and ass in the first quarter, surrendering a disgusting 15-3 run and trailed 29-15. The uphill battle from there was all but certain to be lost from that point on.

John Wall, who apparently is on a the harshest of minutes restrictions at 24, didn’t see a minute of action in the 2nd quarter. He did make up for his lost time with a monstrous second half, though – 23 points, 5 assists, 0 turnovers – leading the comeback effort and bringing the Wizards to within 3 at one point late in the game. Ultimately, John’s effort was all for naught and at this point, I can only hope 2019 never comes.

There’s no question the Wizards are in absolute disarray. They were clinging by the fingers off a slippery rock in the well of abomination at 2-7, but after a loss to Philly, they have slammed to rock bottom.

The Game’s Top Performer

I hate doing these segments after losses like last night. And few things are as bittersweet as having to exalt John Wall, in all his amazement milking every second of his restricted minutes to save his franchise from unconditional embarrassment. After all, saving a franchise run by incompetent clowns has been a primary job task of his since the moment those clowns uttered his name in the Wizards war room at the 2010 draft.

And there he was last in Philadelphia, once again busting his ass to keep the Wizards afloat. Wall finished with 27 points on 19 shots, 6 assists, 4 rebounds, just 2 turnovers and 12 trips to the free throw line.

A forgettable night for..

Us.All of us.

Here’s that plea by Ted (via Dan Steinberg):


The crazy thing is, you could put up this quote anywhere without a timestamp and folks would have no idea whether it was said in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, at some point in 2013, 2015 or yesterday. This how we, the fans, have been mistreated by the Wizards’ brass, who repeatedly construct Jenga tower blocks of shit, sugarcoat the madness with words they assume are reassuring, then together we all watch the tower crumble back into the same pile of irrelevance.

Stat of the Night

The Wizards were 2-7. They got beat by a team that was 1-9. The Wizards are now 2-8. How’s that for your stats.

Quick Hits

  • It’s becoming really uncertain just what exactly Andrew Nicholson’s role is on this team. I mean, after deciding to shell out 6.5 million bucks a season for him, there had to be something in mind. However, ten games into the season and we’ve seen Nicholson’s role diminish substantially to the point of DNP-CD’s. As a partial explanation, Scott Brooks did chalk up Nicholson’s absence to strategy, as small ball involving Otto Porter playing stretch 4 were the more favored variety of lineups. Last night, Nicholson returned to the floor and did so very early on after Kieff got shelved for his two quick fouls. One shot attempt (and make!) in 12 minutes and a minus-17. The uncertainty remians.
  • Beal-less once again, the Wizards gave Sheldon McClellan – newly a fan favorite – the nod at shooting guard. Not so much glam for the undrafted rookie last night, though. S-Mac finished with just 6 points and missed all three of his 3-point shots.

Where do the Wizards go from here?

Well, two use the cliche-ist of cliche’s, when you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way is to go up. It can’t get any worse than this, right? Flip?


The bottom line is the Wizards are just bad. They employ more players with less talent than they do guys who have talent. For some guys it’s not their fault (Sato, McClellan, Oubre sometimes). As for the other guys, your Jason Smiths, Trey Burkes, Andrew Nicholsons, Marcus Thorntons..simply put: they don’t deserve to be part of an NBA team’s lineup rotation. The hope is that these players are not as unbreakably bad as they are untradeable, because the Wizards may very well be left with no viable option other than to hope these players show the fuck up at some point this season. Otherwise, the beginning John Wall’s prime will go wasted right before our eyes and before you know it..well, let’s not go there for now. Let’s just try to move on. #WizKnicks tonight.

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