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“Any team without Paul Pierce misses him. Period.” – Paul Pierce


Humility ceases to exist sometimes when speaking to Paul Pierce, but with the rap sheet that has been constructed by him over the course of a 16 year career, humility also doesn’t really matter.

Pierce, at the depreciating age of 37, opted to join the Wizards over the summer and with him he lugged a large suitcase full of accomplishments and accolades; a championship ring on his finger; and a carry-on duffel bag crammed with leadership, experience, some trash-talking skills, and a myriad of other intangibles that have helped spear the Wizards into championship contention.

He also has a great habit of timing his comments. The Brooklyn Nets visit Chinatown tonight trying to hold on to their spot as the 8th seed in the East and Pierce refused to shy away from expressing how he feels about himself as a basketball player. In the morning before facing the team he spent one season with, CSN’s J. Michael reported Pierce saying:

“Any team without Paul Pierce misses him. Period.”

While Pierce has marked his understanding as to why the Nets opted against offering him a new contract over the summer, it’s funny to see him still feel compelled to make such a bold statement, and perhaps a very true one.

Pierce also took a little jab at his former teammate, KG, which he’ll be facing against for the first time since Garnett was in Minnesota:

“I’m just hoping he doesn’t hit me with one of those illegal screens like he usually does with these other guys.”

So far this season, Pierce has fared well against former teams. In three games against Boston, Pierce averaged 20.3 points, shot 10-16 from 3, and had his season-high in points with 28. Let’s hope tonight’s matchup against his other former employer gets some similar juices flowing.


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