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Tales from the Booth – Wizards vs. Spurs 11.5.2015

Over a span of approximately 200 nights between the months of October and April, we spend 41 of them on the cross streets of F and 9th in downtown Washington, DC to bring home to you Wizards fans paramount basketball coverage from a more subjective angle. As bloggers who have been blissfully granted season credentials (thank you Wizards PR), we readily take the liberty of offering our experiences from each and every game we attend and thusly, we are happy to present a new featured post jam-packed with sights and sounds from the Verizon Center by way of our camera lenses and Vine accounts.

The Spectacle

Washington Wizards vs. San Antonio Spurs


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Nobody can guard Bradley Beal this season. Not even this guy! “Plain and simple.”

Tony Parker, still the world’s second Frenchman in my heart (still luv u #KSLife)

There’s Humpthrees; and then there’s Humpdribbleinandpullamidrangejumper

Manu gave me a pound last night in the visitor’s tunnel. Not washing my knuckles ever again.

The patriotic footwear on Drew Gooden and Marcin Gortat tho..


This was a good tweet..

LaMarcus Aldridge building houses pregame…

#HouseOfGuards pregame intro is always lit.

Locker Room Bites:

Marcin Gortat

John Wall

Bradley Beal

we are Hoop District

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